Any plans to become a ring partner?


Your saying two separate things there.

  1. HE does allow YOU to develop anything you choose to.

  2. HE did NOT have a native ring integration, when you bought it nor to my knowledge has stated that it is "on the list" of upcoming features to entice you to HE for this feature....

I would assume why they haven't made such announcement is like I previously pointed out for 2 reasons.

  1. The cloud based device wouldn't be a priority of limited development resources for a localized platform.

  2. There isn't much more features a "native integration" can offer more than what IFTTT (which is already integrated) already does offer to be using those limited resources for.

I would venture to say just as many people have Roomba robot vacuum cleaners as have Ring doorbells, and the same scenario applies to that and other cloud based devices as well for dedicating the limited resources.

At one time there was a Nest native integration attempt, but now Nest decided to totally change their "partner program" so now that time spent there was wasted would need redone. Reliant on other manufactures and/or cloud seems to be the opposite business model of HE.


Curious does the Grandstream or doorbird work with HE? If so which DH did you use?

I went with the Ring elite due to POE and intergration with echo devices I thought being owned by Amazon they would put alot of money/development into it.
Overall it has been fine with HE but would have preferred a non cloud system.
I never knew about the Grandstream it looks really good and I never found anyone with the Doorbird working with HE.


Can they be integrated? Yes
Have they been integrated? No
Will they be? Probably not. They cost too much (per user comments) which also means they can't/won't pay for the integration which in turn means nobody will spend time integrating them. I prefer to spend time developing integrations for systems I get paid for.


Are you talking about the Unifi Access? If so, that's not a doorbell that homeowners are likely looking for -- it's an access control system with two way intercom/video and everything. I just want something on par with Ring that works with Unifi Protect, I'm not about to install (or need) access control. If you weren't referring to Unifi Access, could you provide more detail? I've searched and have no impression that Ubiquiti is working on something.


Currently nothing outside of the Unifi ecosystem works with Unifi Protect. This has been a long debate and discussion among the Unifi community wanting 3rd party camera's and I don't think it's going to happen as UI makes their money from hardware.


That's not what I said or asked -- I'm wasn't looking for something outside of Unifi that works with Protect. My original post stated my wish for Ubiquiti to sell a doorbell camera that works with Protect, and you responded that it's in beta. I was only asking what you were referring to, because Unifi Access is the closest thing that I'm aware of. I'm perfectly happy to buy Unifi cameras.


I think you should reply to specific topics or quote them as this is very hard to follow what is being asked about as I never said anything about it being in Beta... to who are you replying to?


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Adding a relay for door access is just a benefit and you are not required to use it. Personally I prefer the ability to use an electric strike or a smart mortise lock.

The Unifi Doorbell is not cloud based and that is the real benefit of it. I just don't like the performance and reliability issues I have experienced with cloud based doorbells.

My Grandstream is far better in quality to the Ring and there may be a little more upfront cost.

$275 Doorbell GDS3710
$195 UCM6202 Phone system (Not Required if doing Peer to Peer with a single phone.
$275.00 GXV3370 Phone for my Kitchen IP Video phone with 7 inch LCD.

Internet Mobile and Web App to make phone and video calls including answer the doorbell.
Can also have it call my analog number and enter DTMF codes bypassing internet if I have no internet on my phone.

I use 1-Voip for $11.50 a month for 4 lines (Unlimited Nationwide)

Can load other apps. Tried loading Hubitat but could not get past the login screen.

IMG_4946 IMG_4947


I'm still not sure what you're referring to here -- Unifi doesn't sell anything with the word "Doorbell" in the name or description. They have an early access entry/access control system, is that what you're talking about? Honestly that's way overkill for residential use when all you want is local Ring-like functionality. And my wife would force me to see a therapist if I suggested installing anything that looks like a phone in the house :rofl:



The tear drop thingy is a doorbell.

The benefit of the Grandstream and future doorbells like the Unifi is that they are generally IP67 rated, Can integrate into an existing security camera system (ONVIF). The Unifi will only integrate into the Unifi Protect because of the lack of ONVIF but their camera system is pretty awesome.


I have also been reading about Zipato. Their Zipatile has an integrated sip client. I dont know what integration Hubitat could do or how. Most non-cloud solutions use SIP video because it is the easiest to deploy since it is IP based and can be integrated in phones, Tablets etc.


The integration with the Unifi into another system may be possible. The Unifi camera's provide a RTSP stream as well which can be used with other NVR systems like Blue Iris. I do this today. The question still being does this "doorbell" camera offer the RTSP stream like the rest of the Unifi cameras? I dunno....


So based on what you have stated if you just need a simple video stream and not the features and functionality provided with ONVIF the rtsp stream would be acceptable.

I have not used Blue Iris. Only Hikvision NVR. I would think one would want integration with systems that support ONVIF so you could take advantage of the additional features provided by ONVIF over just rtsp like access to the relays that many cameras have. I see Smartthings supports an integration with Blue Iris


I'm not the OP I was just stating that Unifi cameras also support RTSP if that was what the OP was needing.

I actually sell DoorBird which are in the same category as Grandstream :smile:


Yes I like the Doorbird. I did a ton of research on it. I would say it is probably the better choice for an integration opportunity over Ring and Google.

It can integrate with many consumer smart deadbolt options but has the option for integrating with higher end options which require an electrical relay.

The thing that pushed me away from them was it was missing a keypad. I am putting it on a 4x4 post (Exterior Fence) and all the other options for an integrated keypad were too wide. The keypad means Amazon can have their own code for deliveries.


The D2101KV or the D21KV (Integrated video screen) both have surface mount housing available as options. The D2101KV is the narrowest but it is still wider than a 4x4 post. I do see the appeal of the Grandstream in their size.