Any got the IKEA TRÅDFRI Wireless Dimmer to work with Hubitat?

Looking to see if this device works with Hubitat.

If anyone has got it working, could you please supply a link to or the driver code to add it to Hubitat.

You should follow one or both of the threads below. If someone creates that driver, it will be posted on the first thread for sure and possibly the second.

This thread

Or this thread

Curious but you linked to the Blinds and not the Wireless Dimmer.

there is a lot of talk of the dimmer in both threads

... and also here for an alternative driver for the IKEA Sonos volume puck.

I use them as dimmers (rotating), and recognize single, double and tripe taps.

I believe one alternative is to setup a zigbee receiver connected to something like a rpi and run mqtt (I think, I'm not that familiar with it). I bought some of the dimmers as well expecting them to just work. I plan on looking at them at some point, but they are currently tucked away in a drawer... I want to use them to control some Somfy shades via Bond.

I've been using the community driver with these but they just drop off the network after a couple of days. I can then re-pair and the they work again for a couple of days, maybe less.

Anyone had these working directly with HE for a long period of time, reliably?

Same here, stopped using them for this issue. Also battery issues, they drain in 2 weeks.