Any devices to help with data lines from a sensor?

I feel like I've put this project off long enough, but after I saved my old pet feeder (Saved my Petnet smart feeder with a NodeMCU) , I wanted to get back more functionality. One thing I would love to regain is the low food notification. There are sensors in the feeder already, and if they're anything like a break beam sensors, there are 2 sensors, one with 2 wires for power, the other with 3 wires for power and a single data line. IR Break Beam Sensor with Premium Wire Header Ends - 5mm LEDs : ID 2168 : $5.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

Since I originally did the conversation on the feeder, I have changed the NodeMCU to a ZEN16 for a more reliable connection since I was only using the relay to trigger the motor. This may change depending on responses here

The ask is, is there any way to monitor the data wire from a sensor without using an Arduino style board? Does the data wire just send a high/low when triggered? Are there any devices/ways to monitor this in the zwave world? Ideally if I can use another input on the ZEN16 it'll just be run a few more wires as opposed to adding more hardware in, so just curious if anyone has used these types of sensors before and any experience that can be shared would be greatly appreciated.