Another brick in the wall - Tuya joins the Zigbee Alliance

From the Zigbee Alliance website:

As has been mentioned here before, the companies that are lining up to support the CHIP initiative of Apple, Google, amd Amazon are expanding.
For those of you that aren't familiar with Tuya, they have recently begun to pivot to Zigbee based hubs, switches and sensors from the world of wifi controlled devices. Their Zigbee based hub even has a highly regarded app to control hundreds of Zigbee based devices.

Although they haven't had a lot of market penetration in North America, they have started to have some market success in Europe.
Their Zigbee 3.0 products are very similar (in form factor and price) to the (in)famous products from Xiaomi, and are available from your favourite online Chinese retailer. Their products seem to behave as standard, generic Zigbee products and pair easily with Hubitat (although I haven't had them for very long).
Definitely an "up and coming" force in the Home Automation world.

Does anyone else have Tuya Zigbee products - any comments?

Thank you for sharing. Please let us know how the devices are working for you over time. I don’t have Xiaomi devices but my understanding is that they can usually pair with hubitat but are very finicky about staying connected unless you have the right repeaters in your mesh.

If they are zigbee 3.0 certified devices, that hopefully shouldn’t be an issue.

Hi, does anybody have the Tuya zigbee power strip? I would like to replace some wifi smart life strips. Does HE sees it as a whole or it can address single plugs? Thanks

would depend entirely how they implemented the device, won't know until all the endpoints are returned when the device initially pairs...

thanks Mike. I'll try. Which could be a candidate driver to prove with?

By the way, Aeotec has a power strip which I have used before in the past to individually control each outlet.

there are only two dynamic multi endpoint zigbee switch drivers currently.
Aurora Zigbee Switch and Nue Zigbee Switch
Try them in that order, in both cases the configure command needs to be executed, they do not share the same child device type, so if switching from the aurora to the nue the device will need to be deleted if any child devices were created...

:+1: just ordered.

Thanks! . Unfortunately I have no Zwave devices and wouldn't like to setup one more network...:grin:

Excuse my ignorance but what benefit would this bring?

If you have WiFi you can use the TP-link kasa KP303 which integrates with HE using the community TP-link integration

I’ve been using a Tuya Zigbee water shutoff valve for a while now with no issues. I’ve also purchased three water leak sensors that are still in their boxes on the table.

If the question is for me, I can say my actual wifi Smart life power strips sometime drop off and are not directly driven by H E

It seems it has no EU plugs. I would prefer to try zigbee. But I could reconsider the thing

Have you looked to flash them with tasmota? Using tuya connect? They are still wifi devices but then local controlled, by he. Most tuya WiFi devices can be converted, I've done a 3 outlet plug, 4 outlet strip, 6 single outlet control and 4 bulbs.

In the past tuya tasmota drivers were deprecated by some users because they were using polling, as far as I understood. Recently Markus deployed a new driver that seems very interesting. As I trust Markus as developer, I should let his driver have a try, and learn from his code as well. I'm a little lazy to resume my old hw stuff :grin:

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Yeah I'm using his current release. I'll say it's been short term (only about a week), but I'll say they have been far better than some of the zigbee light bulbs I have.. lol.

Can you update with your review? I have a Geeni WiFi power bar which I completely don't trust.

I'm still waiting for the zigbee power strip from China. I'll try to install tasmota when I'll have in in my hands. it could require quite a long time...