Animated Attribute on Dashboard


Is it possible to have a tile animated as a switch but without the possibility to interact?
I try to explain my needs.
I have a switch controlled by a rule, it's convenient to see it on the dashboard, it turns yellow the icon changes and I understand the status quickly.

I don't want this Switch to be clickable only viewable, so I use the attribute, but the attribute changes only the text, not the color nor the figure.

sorry for my english
Please help :slight_smile:

Have you tried assigning it as an Attribute, then switch? Attributes will only display and not allow actions.

Sorry re-read.

Yes as you see on the left
But it just say on, my desire is that it change in yellow too

Try the workaround in this thread:


How about overlaying it with an opaque tile?
Having the real switch underneath, and visible.

haha, just read your workaround @stephen_nutt :joy:


:flushed: ok i try

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i moved this over
it become light grey, but it work well...
Thanks @stephen_nutt

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When editing the tile template you are using on top, if you move this slider circled in red all the way to the left, tile should be 100% transparent. That slider is not labeled as to what it does.