Android/iOS App Status?


Will the app have a different way for security to access the dashboards? Like if you sign into the app, you won't need to have pins\passwords on the dashboards since they'd be protected by the app logon?

Also, you think there would be a way to make the dashboards accessible only via the app? That would improve on the security.


Or, as I had to do the last time I went out of town, is to email the cloud link to my wife's work email so that she could open it on her work desktop computer (she's not allowed to have her phone out at work) let a contractor in to work on our air conditioning. As much as I hate allowing the cloud dashboards, this was one instance where it saved me.


Doubt it, but only @patrick can answer that.


That's my concern, if you're going to have an app, the security part has to be well thought out and not tacked on at the end.


But if the main function is to just access dashboards, the dashboard already have security... So it's not just tacked on.


The security they have is fairly basic. I'd like to see an improvement on it if they are going to use an app.


Ok. But those two things aren't coupled. Improved security is a request separate from a request for an app.

Don't assume one brings the other ...


I disagree, it think introducing an app is a perfect time to improve the security. I would imagine to use the app, there would be some kind of login.


The security model will remain the same. This may change in the future but for now, dashboard access remains via token and via optional password / pin.


Yes, the app will have a login to find your hub and set up the push messaging and geofencing to the hub.


That's good the app has a login. After logging in, you should be able to access the dashboards normally. There would not be a need for a pin \ password if the app login would "protect" them. The next step would be a way to limit access to the dashboard to just the app or not depending on your use case.

Edit: I like the username \ password for security more than I do a single pin\password for dashboards.

Edit2: What dashboards would be available in the app? The cloud dashboard or since it uses a username\password login, would the local dashboard be available? Or I guess there could be a new "app" dashboard option.


Fingerprint would be good for the app quick an easy to get in!


I think the dashboard is polished for what it is but not very professional looking. But I'm not even asking for them to change it, just give me the option to.

At this point, I dont see a need for the app they are making for anyone other than new users, but I do see a need for an app. I just wish it added value. Most of us already paid and setup pushover so the app having push over notifications is meh, and a lot of us are already using a virtual presence sensor via tasker or automate so that's kinda meh too.

I could see a lot of ways an app could extend and enhance the hubitat experience, but not the one they are making.


Well... For now it is what it is. Obviously keep making suggestions to Hubitat / Patrick for future consideration, though.


I think it would be great if you would list those ways!

I've not given a lot of thought to additional things I would like in an app that aren't already available other ways but sometimes I don't see the bigger picture. For instance, some ex-Iris users mentioned seeing stats like number of lights on, number of doors open, that never really occurred to me.


I prefer not to rely on third party services like life360 and pushover personally, so this why I welcome the app. The more control and local control at that I have the better.


You mean like this? (Sneak preview of something I'm working on).


I’m probably stretching but some ideas I can think of

  • Built in lan and geofencing presence to enhance it (use ping or better yet arping to do lan)
  • fingerprint/Face ID access to a dashboard instead of pin
  • ability to send a dashboard link and it opens right into the app
  • auto selection of lan vs cloud links based on location

Like I said. Probably stretching on some but who knows if down the road they look to expand.

They are watching so I casually throw these out there and hope they end up on a list somewhere.


I have a Hikvision system that I can view on my iPhone and computer. Does anyone know if this will integrate to Hubitat?


I use an axis to view pictures in the dashboard. It’s set to update every 15 seconds.