Android/iOS App Status?


Can you clarify what you mean by integrate?

If you set one of the streams on a hikvision camera to mjpeg, then you should be able to view it on a Hubitat dashboard.

It’s also possible for Hubitat to control the alarm function on hikvision cams to trigger recordings, and to use the camera motion detection as a trigger for Hubitat automations.

Let us know what you had in mind (or better yet start a new thread since this is getting pretty off topic).


Yes that is what I’d like to do. I am not sure how to go about it. Is there a tutorial? I’d like to set up my dashboard so the cameras and Weather are visible and I can control my lights, thermostat and locks easily.


That "Hubitat Device Manager" would be great!
Exactly what I need...
I'm waiting....


It'll probably be ready for a beta by this weekend. Still a lot of rough edges to work out. :smiley:


If you would like a Beta tester, please let me know... it seems to be very interesting.


I'd be more than happy to help test, if you'd like.
That looks amazing, Thank You