Android/iOS App Status?


Shows Events and Alert History.

The point is Dashboard is a blank canvas, with dashboard builder, you can create at a glance views of open windows, doors, etc. With a few clicks.


I'm just playing devils advocate as I have no desire either way.. However, that example does not show which devices which triggered the alarm, like the Iris app did... As such, it really isn't a very useful presentation of information. If I am wrong please feel free to show me..

So for the sake of an apples-to-apples comparison... In Dashboard 2.0, how does one create a single tile that shows how many windows are open, for example? That is exactly what the card on the Iris app did.. Provide at-a-glance information without the need to scan through a list of devices and visually identify those that were in a particular state.

That is inarguably far more efficient than scanning through a couple dozen tiles..


Single tile, would have to create an app that returns that data. Seems like an opportunity for someone...

But putting all your contact sensors for those windows on a dashboard, you can easily see which ones are open or closed, with total customization of icons, colors, backgrounds, etc. Including photos of which room, etc.

I get that people want data presented in an app. They want control and visibility into their systems. Not just automation. We built a solution around automation and are slowly but surely adding better visibility and control (see the 100+ improvements to dashboard). But we are not built as a mobile first / mobile only platform on purpose. The setting up of a system is not easy on a tiny device not matter the UI.

Appreciate your perspective and feedback. There are a few things Iris probably did right... I never used their app or their service (don't really like cloud first solutions for obvious reasons).

One thing holds true at Hubitat, we listen to our customers and continue to deliver on our core mission, speed, reliability and privacy. Being local and having to serve up data off the hub proposes a unique set of challenges cloud based services don't have to deal with.


This app is close I think. But I'd like to see one that ignores and doesn't display closed doors.


I did just that for SmartThings, but haven't had the time to bring that across yet. For someone like me with an extremely large number of devices, having 10 tiles to look at for at-a-glance information is better than scrolling through pages of devices.. Perhaps someday I'll have time to port it over to Hubitat.

I found an old screenshot that highlights what I'm talking about..

Again, I'm personally not advocating either way.... However, I am trying to help understand why there is a rallying cry for an app, particularly amongst Iris transplants.. For them, it's a significant loss in terms of usability.


That was a nice sleek look design.


I should be able to add those options to snapshot. Let me look into it.


I'm hoping Hubitat admin/developers design their app with these in mind. The Iris App was basic, yet easy to use.


As stated before, the app will only feature access to dashboards, push notification and geofencing setup at launch.


Geo-fencing and push notifications will be great. having to use pushover and life360 isn't bad, but not ideal. Keep up the good work guys. I'm a recent convert from ST and thought I would miss the app more. The goal is to have enough automation that I don't need to access dashboards/app etc.


I am currently using a dashboard, pushover for notifications and automate as a presence sensor via the maker api. If the "app" is just going to link to your dashboards then, for me at least, there is absolutely no value in it. And the worse part is I really really want an app... but I want a good one that is well thought out and adds value, not one that is just thrown together to check a box.

I didn't like the old version of the dashboard and thought it was ugly and very limited, and while I appreciate the last update to it, still don't like it and think it's ugly and very limited.

But what bothers me the most about the current state of the dashboard isn't how it looks, it's the fact that I can't make it mine. And saying the dashboards are a blank canvas is a bit of a stretch. Sure I can add a background and adjust some colors but that's nothing. It would take barely any effort to allow me to add my own CSS to override the element's styles and better yet since we already have jQuery on the page, allow us to add our own javascript so we can manipulate the dom. As an added bonus, add it to the "Advanced" tab and it would actually make the name of that tab make sense. At least then I could make it into whatever I wanted it to be.

For example I could add a background that is a floor plan of my house, make the sensors icons with tooltips for more details and position them into the proper place on the floor plan. Then maybe I would add radial heatmaps around all sensors with temperature data, etc.

So yea these are just my thoughts about things and how I'm feeling about the app and current state of the dashboards.


Are you talking about dashboard v2?


That is correct.


Dashboard v2 does not use jquery at all. If you have suggestions on CSS improvements, please feel free to pass them on.

As for adding CSS in the advanced area, this is under consideration.


Dashboard v2 does not use jquery at all.

You are correct but the '$' function for easy dom manipulation is being provided which I assumed was jQuery but it's probably being provided by vue.js or another module. Perhaps something in your vendor.js. I didn't really dig into it, just checked if it was there.

The point I was trying to get across was that these are our dashboards and a bit more control over them to make them into our own would not only be appreciated but would probably silence a lot of people who do not like the current transparent square tile look as they could just change them themselves or share themes amongst each other.

For me personally, I would like CSS overrides AND the ability to paste in a block of javascript and have it injected into the page when it's loaded on any device.

At the moment I have to use an extension in Chrome/Firefox and then a custom android app I built that loads the dashboard and then injects my own CSS and Javascript to tear down and rebuild the page like I want.

Since these are stored on our hubs, and used on our devices as client side code, I don't really see what the harm is in giving us more control. If we screw up a dashboard we just delete it and start again which really isn't a big deal.

Anyway thank you for reading and taking the time to respond to my post.


I am waiting to see the app before I jump ship my girlfriend prefers to use an app instead of voice.


I guess I don't get that...

It's already been said that the app is basically just a link to the dashboards (plus notifications and presence)... If that is the case, why not just put the dashboards on her phone? No need to wait.

I have one dashboard that is a main menu. I stuck a link to it on my wife's phone main page, and moved on with life. And it is less clicks to get to the dashboard than the app will be...


Even if the app is still a dash it's easier to just say to people to download this app then go to this webpage then make link on home page.

That just screams unpolished.


How so? The person administrating the hub shares the link with a user and then the user clicks on the link and opens the dashboard. There's no need to install anything. It's just "there".

Plus, who is anyone really going to share an app with? Family/house members, sure. Renters? Maybe. But by and large, it's going to be used by people in the household and not really shared outside of the home. I'm not going to give my in-laws that come over once or twice a year access to my home automation system while they aren't here. When they are here, they can use the various buttons, switches and panels that I have scattered about the house.

There is really only two compelling reasons I've seen for an app so far; Presence and notifications. Outside of that, an app is not going to do anything more than the dashboards already do.


No point in arguing personal opinion. I disagree that it is unpolished, but that's ok - everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm not here to convince you otherwise.

For me - I would much rather email my wife the dashboard link and tell her to add it to her phone's desktop than have her download an app, type in the config/connection info, and then put it on her desktop.