Android geofence broken/bug

Just recently updated my mode manager to use my phone presence to detect away/home settings and today I noticed when I opened the app on my phone while I was at work it was triggering my presence at home. Because of this multiple rules got triggered and left my HSM disabled, HUGE ISSUE IMO. Because of this bug I cant use the mobile app for presence as it can cause security issue. Please fix!

Logs from when I opened the app at work

I've had similar issues. There have also been times when I'm the only one home and then all of a sudden all the lights turn off, alarm arms, furnace turns off because the mobile app thinks my phone has left the fairly large geofence area. I sent a message to support but it's 50/50 whether i get an email back these days when I report an issue.

It's best practice to deploy an aggregated presence approach, using geolocation service, WiFi connection, etc. Many posts about this and several apps to help facilitate.