Ambient Weather Not Refreshing

Which driver are you using?

Ambient Weather Device.

Noticed this error.
app:12082019-04-10 02:30:37.411 pm errorjava.lang.IllegalArgumentException: A device with the same device network ID exists, Please use a different DNI on line 93 (updated)

That's not a native driver and I'm not familiar with it. You should post on the thread where you found it. Alternatively, you could try the APIXU weather driver.

2 Likes used the same Network ID for another device already. Just use a different Network ID when creating the virtual device.

Who created the DH ?

DRIVER. Device Handlers are SmartThings. This is Hubitat. :smiley:

I assume you mean this one?

Edit the DNI then save and that should fix the issue


Here is the device ui pic. The Ambient Weather App created the virtual device, I didn't.

I should change the DNI? It looks as if it is related to the mac address.

Then you have 2 MAC addresses the same. You need to figure out why and fix it.

I will start at and see what it has for the mac. thanks

Don't change the DNI, Mine is set like yours with the DNI referencing the MAC address, and mine is working.....

Does it look like this ??


yes it is in the pic above.

So which devices have the same DNI ?

Post a screen shot

I would make sure your Application Key AND API key still match what your Ambient Weather Dashboard provides.

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How would I check to see if there are 2 the same?

Umm in your devices table ???

I just checked the numbers, they are correct. It probably wouldn't refresh at all if they were wrong and I can do a refresh.

refreshing isn't the issue...... duplicate DNI are

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