Ambient Weather Integration

Hey yo!!

I'm not smart enough to choose, but wanted to see if anyone who is smart enough to code has done so to allow the Hubitat community to integrate their awesome Ambient Weather Personal Weather Stations (PWS) with their Hubitat Elevation Awesomeness. You all have PWSs, right? Of course you do, obviously any true home automation expert worth their salt wouldn't ever base their weather based automations on a system that just estimates the weather where they are. True home automation experts demand real time weather data that know they can trust, and that means they have control of. That's why the kids over at Smartthings and HomeSeer and a bunch of others have worked out into the mix. Here's the link:

Ambient Weather Community

Anyhoo, anyone ever do anything with Ambient Weather brand PWS?



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This little icon in the top right of your screen is pretty magical


Rock on, Bobbles. I found that too, but wanted to see if anyone else had anything else that I wasn't seeing. Thanks for the assist!

If you post your weather from your Ambient Weather Station to Weather Underground there is also this:

Very cool, thanks for that!

Has there been any movement on this since lately. As I agree, I had to buy the PWS so I could have the exact weather at my house and get my light bulbs to change colors if the wind gust got to high so I know to check and make sure the patio umbrella is cranked