Amber Electric driver

Howdy @pjam73 i found your driver recently and I’ve noticed the data it returns can vary from the app by a significant margin.

Does your app use the current API etc? I’m programming challenged, but I can’t even see how you are authenticating against the API. Each user is supposed to have their own Auth token?

Hmm, looks like he hasn’t been on the forums in well over a year. @sburke781 is this something you could assist in updating?

I’d be happy to give you a valid Auth Token to test with.

Hehe... I've been here before :slightly_smiling_face:. All good, happy to take a look, but likely could be a month or so before I could offer anything substantial. Happy for anyone else to take a look in the meantime. Also, I may need a reminder :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank mate, much appreciated. :+1:

I had a look through the doco, but I didn't understand how it works at all - the WU auth is all inline with the API call, but this I'm failing to comprehend. If I could get the auth going, I could prolly figure out how to parse the JSON to get what I want. :man_facepalming:

Ok, I'll see what I can work out with the auth

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Thank you sir. :pray:

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The new Amber Electric driver is here:

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Hey, sorry for the delay. I visit these forums infrequently now.

Yes, the Amber app I wrote was written before they had a proper public API, and I never got around to updating it once their public API was made available. I'm not an Amber customer any more either so wouldn't be able to work on it.

Thanks @sburke781 for helping @dJOS with this.


Howdy, I thought you might have gone over to the dark side (HA). :laughing: I'm glad you are still around.

I should probably update the notes to provide you with some attribution - I borrowed your scheduling code, but everything else I wrote from scratch.

I must admit, Im not sure how long i'll remain a customer - Im thinking I can probably save more money on a good ToU tarrif and manipulate my PowerWall charging based on the weather forecasts etc.