Amazon Prime Day - October 13-14, 2020

It is official so mark your calendar. Amazon Prime Day is October 13-14, 2020.

There are already some early deals available and the early deals will probably keep coming until Prime Day.

Feel free to post and share any good deals in this thread you find for this event.

Happy spending!

Note: they did have the date posted on that page earlier but appears they removed it. Argh!


It's there. You might just need to scroll left/right to see it.

Echo Show 5 $45
Echo Auto $20

I strongly DON'T recommend. Other than having like 6 microphones to give you a little better sound quality for people you are calling, it doesn't do anything you can't do on the Alexa app on phone. It just adds hardware.


Yeah. I found it very disappointing as well. I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it.

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In my older van where the volume knowb is worn out i love my echo auto. In my newer car that has smarts its a bit overkill. Especially since alexa is built in.

I agree. It has to connect to your phone and that was always spotty. I had 2 of them and neither one worked very well.


I am looking to get into a Hubitat next week. But in Canada there only seems to be one source for Hubitat, so I think I shouldn't be holding my breath for a deal. ;(

Will I be able to virtually shop with my new Oculus Quest 2 that is released the same day?

Tuesday is Quest Day, Prime Day and Apple iPhone Event day... busy tech!


Use code PRIME20 at Abode for discounts through Wednesday.

Kasa Smart Plug, WiFi Outlet 2-Pack (HS103P2) for $10 ($5 coupon + $5 prime discount that is applied at checkout)

Note: deal has expired for coupon


Amazon is offering Amazon Prime Members: Select Amazon Devices on sale below when you order through Alexa Voice Shopping via Amazon Enabled Echo Device only. Shipping is free .

  • Note, to purchase via Alexa Voice Shopping, please say the following 'prompt's listed below.


  • 32GB Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet w/ Special Offers (10th Gen; 2020, Black) $54.99
    • Say, " Alexa, order a Fire HD 8 tablet "
  • 32GB Amazon Fire HD 8 Tablet w/ Special Offers (10th Gen; 2020, Twilight Blue) $54.99
    • Say, " Alexa, order a Blue Fire HD 8 tablet "
  • Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K Ultra HD Streaming Media Player $79.99
    • Say, " Alexa, order a Fire Cube TV "
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You can do same with Voice Shopping for a 3rd Gen Dot for $19 but they only let you buy 1`. Mine arrived an hour ago. The correct price won't show up until you go to pay though.

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I'm a sucker for prime day. Waste so much money lol. I found a new echo in the box in my closet the other day. I had forgotten all about it.

I'm hoping they will give a good deal on the fancy spinny echo...

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Same. I've even traded in Echo Dots that were still in shrinkwrap.

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Amazon Device Deals:

Smart Home:

For all the Lutron Fans here, Prime Day #deals

Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W-A Wireless Deluxe Dimmer Bridge Caseta Smart Start Kit, White, 2 Count

Price: $119.95

Lutron P-BDG-PKG2W-A Wireless Deluxe Dimmer Bridge Caseta Smart Start Kit, White, 2 Count

I don't think that is the Pro Bridge in the kit so it won't get you the local telnet HE integration.


Good call, i jumped too quick on that one.