4 pack for $40.00 THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug $10/ea

Edit2: It's back again... :grin:

Back in stock, and on sale!!

(note: Not the new ones with power monitoring.)

Thirdreality Plugs

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug
4 Pack,
15A Smart Outlet with Timer Function,
ETL Certified,
ZigBee Hub Required
Was: $77.05

$40.00 ($10.00 / count)

If you've been looking for something like these lately in Canada you know how hard it is to find a decent deal (or any deal) so don't miss out.
Buy, buy, buy. :wink:


Not quite a year ago I bought a 4 pack of those for $30.

Tempted to get some more and swap out the non-ETL Sonoff S31 zb ones I have.


Yup $30 was a great deal, but they sold out fast and then came back at $70+ from third party sellers, until now.

And although the new THIRDREALITY plugs have power monitoring (if/when they show up here) there's lots of applications where that feature isn't needed or even wanted.

And yeah, know anyone wants to buy some Sonoff plugs? Cheap @ $10/ea :wink:

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They are $30.00 Amazon-US

Yeah it's not often we're paying less than double the US retail price north of the border.
US$30 x 2 =$60 CDN on a good day. So, $40 is party time! :partying_face:

Because, well, you know............ Canada. :wink:

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Argh... yep I just got my plugs last week from Amazon US. Ended up being $60.xx plus longer time. Coulda saved $20 and got from Canada. GO FIGURE it wasn't on sale when I ordered.

And I'm quite sure I do NOT need 4 more... haha

But of course you do!!! At least another eight!! :wink:

It's always better to have too many repeaters than too little, plus it's always amazing what you find to automate once you start. :grin:

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Well as of right now 3/4 I got are literally just placed in โ€œideal locationsโ€ with nothing even plugged in haha

I am in process of removing my remaining sonoff S31 lite outlets. I was replacing them with the Sengled zigbee outlets but these have been out of stock on for over a month. I really like the Sengled ones. I have a happy mesh with 20 of them in place.

I have two thirdreality motion sensors and have read good reviews of the brand here on the forum.

A month ago this four pack was $87 on and then dropped to $78. I had it in on my wish list. When I saw $40 I bought two 4-packs. This should rid me of the sonoffโ€™s if they work ok.

Edit: I received mine yesterday. They are tiny compared to the Sengled and sonoff.

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Good price on the ThirdReality.
Just be aware of the power outage behaviours on different plugs.

  • ThirdReality stays off after power comes back on.
  • Philips Hue comes on.
  • The old and newer Smartthings remember last state.
    Not sure of others but always check to avoid surprises.
    I have use cases for all so mix and match as needed.
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I have a Rule Machine rule that runs every 30 minutes to grab the state of my lights and switches.

In the event of a power outage, or even a hub restart, it's supposed to restore the state.

That is a great idea.
Thank you for sharing.

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