4 pack for $40.00 THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug $10/ea OOS

Edit4: The new power reporting version can be problematic for your mesh.

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Back in stock, and on sale!!

(note: Not the new ones with power monitoring.)

Thirdreality Plugs

THIRDREALITY Zigbee Smart Plug
4 Pack,
15A Smart Outlet with Timer Function,
ETL Certified,
ZigBee Hub Required
Was: $77.05

$40.00 ($10.00 / count)

If you've been looking for something like these lately in Canada you know how hard it is to find a decent deal (or any deal) so don't miss out.
Buy, buy, buy. :wink:


Not quite a year ago I bought a 4 pack of those for $30.

Tempted to get some more and swap out the non-ETL Sonoff S31 zb ones I have.


Yup $30 was a great deal, but they sold out fast and then came back at $70+ from third party sellers, until now.

And although the new THIRDREALITY plugs have power monitoring (if/when they show up here) there's lots of applications where that feature isn't needed or even wanted.

And yeah, know anyone wants to buy some Sonoff plugs? Cheap @ $10/ea :wink:

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They are $30.00 Amazon-US

Yeah it's not often we're paying less than double the US retail price north of the border.
US$30 x 2 =$60 CDN on a good day. So, $40 is party time! :partying_face:

Because, well, you know............ Canada. :wink:

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Argh... yep I just got my plugs last week from Amazon US. Ended up being $60.xx plus longer time. Coulda saved $20 and got from Canada. GO FIGURE it wasn't on sale when I ordered.

And I'm quite sure I do NOT need 4 more... haha

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But of course you do!!! At least another eight!! :wink:

It's always better to have too many repeaters than too little, plus it's always amazing what you find to automate once you start. :grin:

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Well as of right now 3/4 I got are literally just placed in “ideal locations” with nothing even plugged in haha

I am in process of removing my remaining sonoff S31 lite outlets. I was replacing them with the Sengled zigbee outlets but these have been out of stock on for over a month. I really like the Sengled ones. I have a happy mesh with 20 of them in place.

I have two thirdreality motion sensors and have read good reviews of the brand here on the forum.

A month ago this four pack was $87 on and then dropped to $78. I had it in on my wish list. When I saw $40 I bought two 4-packs. This should rid me of the sonoff’s if they work ok.

Edit: I received mine yesterday. They are tiny compared to the Sengled and sonoff.

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Good price on the ThirdReality.
Just be aware of the power outage behaviours on different plugs.

  • ThirdReality stays off after power comes back on.
  • Philips Hue comes on.
  • The old and newer Smartthings remember last state.
    Not sure of others but always check to avoid surprises.
    I have use cases for all so mix and match as needed.

I have a Rule Machine rule that runs every 30 minutes to grab the state of my lights and switches.

In the event of a power outage, or even a hub restart, it's supposed to restore the state.

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That is a great idea.
Thank you for sharing.

Can you share this rule?

EDIT: Removed info and screenshots.

What I was attempting to do didn't actually work.

New version plugs on .ca
Nothing in stock ATM but there is a product page.

THIRDREALITY ZigBee Smart Plug with Real-time Energy Monitoring,15A Outlet,Timer Function,ETL Certified,ZigBee Hub Required,Work with Home Assistant,Compatible Echo Devices and SmartThings

Just got an email that amazon .ca has stock on these again.

BUT, it's the new verion with power reporting that seems to be a downgrade to the original plugs.

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