Am I missing something? Hue Outdoor Motion sensor

I took the plunge and bought 2 hue outdoor motion sensors. I activated the first one today. Are the logs the way view the lux values? Is there is no way to view it in the device?

In looking at my logs, it is saying motion illuminance is 0 lux, Wouldn't that mean no light? it's broad day light and it is outside.


Am i missing something? or did i do something wrong when I set it up?


I'd still work through troubleshooting, this but have some comfort that mine took a couple of days to start reporting consistently. Might be they are just trying to find their place on the mesh....

It may be worth working through a few of the comments by @ogiewon on this earlier thread...


FWIW, there are firmware updates out there for these. I had one that reported zero lux values at random times until I updated the firmware. You should see Lux on the device page as well. Might be worth hitting the "configure" button on the device page ascwell.

Note, mine shows "0" because it is presently dark! :wink:


This is gonna sound really , dumb, but I'm more zwave than zigbee. How do you do a firmware update on these?

As shown on scotthu3's screen shot, the device page for the Hue motion sensors (and a few other Zigbee devices), have an "Update Firmware" button. Unlike ZWave devices, this is built into the driver; you don't need to switch to a seperate firmware updater driver. Press the button, then watch the logs; it will tell you if the devices needs updating, and presumably will do the updating.

HE does have access to firmware for some devices (such as Hue), and provides this option.


That should show as an attribute on the device page.

Mine shows 0 because it's in a box at the moment till it goes to it's permanent home on the front porch. (Had it out back till I got my Weatherflow tempest)



Ahhhh that's the trick, watch the logs. I was pressing the button and didn't notice anything happening, I was thinking it wasn't doing anything..

It wasn't there at first but did show up a few hours later, though by the time I saw it it was dark, so 0 was probably correct then! I'll have to play with it when I get home later, The one automation I had set up with it didn't happen this morning. I don't know if it was the way it was written or if the sensor didn't pick up the motion. I have it mounted about 7.5 feet up on the back patio. It should be able to pick up the door opening and dogs running out from there. It's corner mounted currently. It's possible I may have to move it to a flat mount further out on the wall.

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FYI - in my case the firmware update worked best when I moved the Hue Outdoor Sensor next to my hub. If interested see:

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