Alternative to Switchbot?

Wondering if anyone knows of something other than Switchbot that will press a button. I've been using a Switchbot button press device with the original hub for about a year (without HE integration) to turn on a Rinnai propane heater in an outbuilding when we want to go work in that building. It's been flaky, and doesn't always turn on the device because it doesn't always seem to get the command via wifi (even though all the other wifi devices in that building are just fine). So, for another building with the same need, I bought the new Switchbot 2 hub, which also has a temperature and humidity sensor built in, in hopes of it being a more reliable device.

I just checked the temperature for that hub, and it reported a much higher temp than I thought reasonable, and much higher than a Hubitat-connected sensor in that building. So, I got out of my nice, warm bed and trekked over to that building and sure enough, the Switchbot was way off. I've sort of lost faith in their products, and would like to find an alternative if a better one exists. Any ideas? And no, I'm not going to tear into the innards of my propane heater to solder something to a board, which is a common suggestion from some. I just want to reliably press a button, remotely.

I don't think anyone makes anything like switchbots. I think wiring in a relay will be the only way to do it. I mean I suppose you could build some kind of frame with a magnet/transformer driven rod connected to an esp32, but by the time you got through doing that in time and materials, it would have been cheaper and less time consuming to install a relay like a zen 16/17 or MHCozy

There are now AliEx chinese zigbee versions of the switchbot finger-pusher device -- if you search the community here, there are existing threads about them (likes/dislikes, driver to use, etc).


Available at Walmart as well :

Note that the Zigbee Fingerbot works paired directly to Hubitat, there is no need for any third-party gateways.


I use a zwave dry contact relay to "press" my recirculation button on my Rinnai hot water heater display. I soldered wires to both sides of the button and use the relay to push it via virtual device or dashboard. An Arduino could do it as well if you prefer to stick with Wifi.

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Fingerbot is the obvious alternate as has been suggested. There's also HA, which has both a direct integration for Switchbot devices via a bluetooth connection to a RPi or via a bluetooth adapter. Then use the HE > HA integration to trigger it via a virtual switch. This works, but you'll need an ESP32 to extend the range if it's in an outside building.

The other way is via a D1Mini ESP32 that you flash to become MQTT bluetooth controllers for switchbot. This is the method I use and prefer because it's faster than the direct connect method and allows you to put the D1Mini within range of the Switchbot devices (it can control multiple devices), but as far as your WiFi range is.

I have a video of kids running around our neighborhood yanking on door handles at night.

I dissected two key fobs for my cars and use two fingerbots to depress the lock buttons at 10 pm. Then I check the cameras to see if the headlights flashed.

The driver from @kkossev works great.

If you can wait about 12 days, AliExpress has them for about half what WalMart’s seller wants.

Depending on your application you may need the kit that has a selection of attachments.


I use a FIngerbot (zigbee) for my Garage door remote. It works really well for me.


Thanks for the suggestions. I was not aware of Fingerbot and may give it a try. One of the problems I have with Switchbot is that it sometimes takes 2-3 "presses" using their app to actually activate the button-pushing device, and sometimes the button HAS been pushed, but the app doesn't give me an acknowledgement. So, pushing it again has the opposite effect of what I desire. Frustrating... Once the little button-pushing device gets a signal from the hub, it never fails to work - the problem is with their blasted hubs, which I find to be unreliable. Perhaps this zigbee approach will be better.

With the Zigbee Fingerbot, you can send a Ping command that confirms that the device is online and communicating. Otherwise, it will return 'timeout',

Also, the event 'switch on' is received only when the device acknowledges the reception of the command.

So if you are looking for a high reliability operation, you could experiment with RM5 retries, etc..


I can’t find the post, but someone stated they didn’t have spare remotes to use with a Switchbot.

This just came today from AliExpress. It will clone your key fob If it is 433 MHz which most are.

Amazon has it also, but at a higher price

I was able to clone the key for my 2010 RAV4.

I just ordered a Zigbee Fingerbot from Aliexpress for $8.05 including 11 day shipping.

You sure it wasn’t Bluetooth ? Most of the Fingerbots I have found on AliExpress at that price are Bluetooth.

Noticed they have a Fingerbot 3.0

Photos show what looks like a USB C connector on the rear.

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Black Friday!

That link shows $2.28!
plus $7.78 shipping :neutral_face:

These are BlueTooth ...


They say Zigbee.
Why do you think that they are Bluetooth?

Look in the upper right corner of the pic

Dang! It even says Bluetooth if you open and read the specifications. Seems very deceptive.

When purchasing something from AliExpress, we need to read everything down the page.. "Specifications" is the most important.
The pictures are often copy&paste from another product ...