[Alpha] MQTT application

Alpha 5 will be out in the next day or so - it will become beta1 after any reported bugs and associated hotfixes . There will not be an alpha6. So just hang tight a couple more.days.


Awesome! Thanks for the update!

I have a very active pre alpha 5 test group these last couple of days keeping me busy.

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I would like to try it out the alpha if possible. Trying to link with OpenHAB. Too new to send a PM.

I was early in on the Alpha's and life got in the way. I would love to get in on Alpha5 as I still have ALpha4. Looks like the last commit was 19 days ago.


it's coming any day now - last commit on alpha5 pre was today and there have been 10 commits in the last week - so very active still.

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This is awesome. I'm building support for a legacy lighting system to MQTT, and had planned on using Homie3 for the schema. However, the schema seems to be somewhat flexible in your message structure. Does anyone have a sample of the messages in the Homie3 topics for openhab?

You mean of a Hubitat light device published to MQTT (homie) or something that OpenHAB handles correctly ?

The latter is a mystery as they don't really say anything about what they are expecting and required except a 'homie3/4 spec device', which is enough I suppose. They also don't support homie as a publish format from OpenHAB so have no example messages available.

Previously (OH2.4) HE<>OH has not been very robust - but now 2.5 is released they have fixed a lot of homie and MQTT bugs it should be much better. But I'm not a OH user so I haven't tried it yet.

I integrate my legacy C-Bus lighting system via MQTT and am very happy with that.

What is the message format that your app expects to come back for status updates? And what is the format it sends when requesting a change?

I found a homie3 (and a homie4) python module. But documentation on it sucks and I haven't played with it yet. My side of things are being written in python so this would be nice to use.

The homie spec is pretty thorough (in parts)

I publish my states out on the nodes property topic(s) and I issue a command to that node using the same topic with /set appended

Here's my porch which is a dimmable light if that helps - two properties onoff and dim


Please note all those topics are mandatory for homie3 compliance.

I do have a 'simplified' tree available but that is not homie compliant of course.




I haven't quite decided yet - probably the lower version

it still uses ..../set on the dim and onoff to send commands

That helps. Thanks.

I have just released alpha5 to all the registered users . The pre test users have already had it for a couple of weeks too. They will bash it around for about another week and then it will be released publicly as beta 1 here.

So very close now...


IF you need anyone else to test I'd like to help: I run my 300 gallon salt tank via MQTT - over 20 sensors, ATO, filter monitoring, leak detection, heater staging, salt swap, dosing, etc...; my Kumo Split Unit (wrote beta driver for it in Homebridge...though thinking of yanking MQTT for this one to simplify), hacked nest doorbell (esp w/ MQTT to rasp pi with small speakers), hacked hunter Douglass blinds (2 stages, 1 - hacked remote w/esp and a second project to replace circuit board in the blinds), and my model railroad scenery, oh and hacked Balboa Hot Tub to MQTT into HomeKit - so heavy MQTT user :slight_smile: slowly moving things to Hubitat from node-red where I can for robustness.

alpha 5 is currently out there and I have no backlog of bugs to fix .. yes some docs to complete and always things to improve but that's what a beta is for. It should be available to all in time for this coming weekend.

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Hey @stephen1,

Just curious if you ever got this working with Hubitat and Victron Color Control GX? I have the same setup in my RV and I'd like to do load shedding for my 3,200 watt solar arrat on my motorhomes roof.


Hi @kevin

Could I get added to your alpha access?



Even better here's beta 3b

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Thanks @kevin!

I set it up and started playing with it. Curious if there's a particular thread here where you prefer us to post questions? I've got a Victron Color Control GX in my RV that monitors a solar array, battery pack, inverters, etc. All of that info is made available via MQTT. I can subscribe and get updates via the mosquitto_sub command line tool. For example to subscribe to the battery state of charge readings:

 $ mosquitto_sub -h IPADDR -t "N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc" -v
N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc {"value": 99}
N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc {"value": 99}
N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc {"value": 99}
N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc {"value": 98}
N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc {"value": 98}

My idea (And maybe this is not the best way to do this) was to use the "Virtual Devices" feature in your app to map the state of charge percentage to a dimmer level and use that to trigger automations in HE:

Am I on the right track? This doesn't seem to be working so I'm hoping I'm just missing something easy/obvious.

Again if there's a more appropriate thread for this question let me know and I can re-post.


I posted it immediately above your post - that's the current thread.. beta 3c

Ahh - that's a JSON payload value isn't it ?

If so your status topic needs to be ..


which tells it to recover the json and then look for the key 'value' within it

Persevere with the quirky editor - it might take a couple of updates to get it to take.
The displayed data value within the device is what counts.

level_Topic: N/04a316c3eb1f/battery/512/Soc{value:}

Level will work - as would for example humidity as a 'sensor' but you'd be better putting 'battery' into a device supporting 'battery' capability. Level provides control and therefore includes a setting slider.

My MQTT Text device also supports capability 'battery' which would allow it to display an appropriate tile on a dashboard.

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