[Alpha] MQTT application


An application that provides linking of Hubitat devices directly with an MQTT broker i.e. without need for the 'middleman' bridge.

This is currently in alpha testing (as is the Hubitat MQTT client driver),

Key Features - implemented in alpha2

a) Enabling inbuilt HE devices to publish and be controllable through MQTT either using a basic topic structure or a limited homie3 structure (or both)

b) Enable existing MQTT devices to be 'mirrored' as virtual devices and controlled within HE. All the topics are configurable as are the state values..

c) Enable automatic discovery and selected inclusion of devices using the homie3 protocol (promoted by openHAB)

d) Enable automatic discovery and selected inclusion of devices using the Home Assistant statestream protocol (offered by HA) - a small automation script is provided for HA that enables the statestream protocol for control of HA too.

Limitations: alpha2 supports 'switch' (onoff) and 'switchLevel' (dim) capabilities only - but will be expanded to include others

Intended Future Features:

  1. Support of many more device capabilities beyond 'onoff' and 'dim'
  2. Add sensor support for reporting of sensor values
  3. Support Home Assistant MQTT discovery protocol bidirectionally - HE devices auto discovered by HA and devices advertising using this protocol discoverable by HE
  4. Better support for decimal maxBrightness values
  5. Support for multiple homie discovered devices.
  6. Support for JSON payloads
  7. More complete support for homie3 specification from Hubitat - enough so openHAB# discovery is happy.

MQTT Client - Alpha
Need help with MQTT bridge with Home Assistant

If the above feature set is useful to you and you are comfortable with, and already using MQTT then you can PM me to get access to alpha 2.

If you are using openHAB then I do intend for homie3 discovery to work for automatically importing Hubitat devices into OH or indeed any other homie3 compliant device like Homey. However homie3 is broken in the current release 2.4 version of openHAB.


This really is the best app for seeing what’s happening on your MQTT breaker


Definitely be interested in trying it out. Running both systems with my Texecom alarm feeding into HA via MQTT, but it'd be handy if I could get this over to HE too