Almost done migrating off of Smartthings

Am still in the process of switching over.

Remaining items:

  • Yale lock with functionality similar to RBoy's nice SmartApp
  • Presence Sensing - not sure I want to commit to Life360 cloud service.
  • Nest integration - waiting for Google to up the # of users.

Everything else has been moved over and working well.

There are alternatives

[Edit] And @Cobra 's like just reminded me to tell you about Presence Central if you're not already aware.


Cool will check those out. We are an Android household. I think Sharptools is coming out with Hubitat compatibility which would help I think.

Do you mean specifically presence sensing for SharpTools? They are already a partnered solution you can install from within Hubitat. No custom app required.


I would 'like' you again if I had the option :slight_smile:



Is there a difference between the service and Sharptools the android app which integrates into tasker/SmartThings? I may be confused on this..

I moved to HE in order to reduce my dependence on cloud services as much as possible. I know there will be certain things I will have to do at least initially - like IFTTT for the ring doorbell push trigger.

If you were using ST presence sensors, they too can be used directly on HE
If you configure it correctly, you can even use the ST app (via 'other hub' ) as a presence sensor
(I do :slight_smile: )



So I have 2 sets of presence sensor devices from ST - the old ones which I am having trouble pairing right now and the new ones which are already paired. The trouble is those are good for cars arriving etc - trying to get my fam to schlep an additional fob is probably too much to ask. Ideally the phone detection geofence thing like SmartThings does. Although family tracking IS kinda tempting with something like Life360,,

I know it's probably a matter of time.

I'm not really opposed to cloud services but would like to try and limit my exposure.

Same SharpTools. You are using Life360, IFTTT, or HomeKit for presence, there is a cloud component. If you use specific WiFi presence detection methods via a router, or Andy's Presence Central, you can bypass the cloud.

I find IFTTT slow at times (not for presence detection or location services), but I don't find it unreliable. Some cloud services are unreliable and/or slow, but within a platform there can be variation, so pick and choose is a more convenient and simpler path than total avoidance. I don't disagree that local is the way to go, but some things are just lower friction via cloud.

Yeah just trying to figure it out. The great news is HE is so flexible there are or likely will be many solutions available or I can roll my own.


See post below. If you use Amazon Echo you can skip IFTTT and configure this function in the Alexa app. It's almost instantaneous for me.

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Yes I read your post.. good idea! I'm already committed to things Alexa so this would be one less thing. The Ring is not showing up as a device for me. How did you add it to Alexa?

Did you add the Ring Pro Doorbell Skill?


Yes, the platform was released this year and includes a web dashboard and Rule Engine which works across various hubs/platforms.

The SharpTools Android app was released back in 2014 (and has been continuously updated) and supports SmartThings only at the moment. We have plans to update the mobile app to work with the new platform and connected hubs (including Hubitat), but it's a decent amount of effort to get it done. :slight_smile:


Huh, that's pretty cool! I had SharptTools when I had Android. Any iOS plans?

The dashboard works great on iOS devices and you can add it as an 'app' using the instructions in this post. :slight_smile:

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Yea I see that. I won't derail this topic anymore. All I'll say is this is some cool stuff I've been ignoring! Congrats!

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So I have an Aeon Doorbell that I am using the alarm/siren part for the chime. It's much louder and maybe more configurable than the Ring's chime device (haven't verified this - I have both) . Unfortunately it does not show up in Alexa when added to the HE Skill. I think I still need to use IFTTT. Will keep an eye out though - thanks for the ideas.

Not sure I completely understand. Are you saying you have the Aeon integrated with HE and would like to have it "chime" when the doorbell is pressed.

If so, you would have to create a virtual momentary switch in HE and expose that to Alexa. Then in Alexa, create a routine that turns on the virtual switch when the bell is pressed. In HE create a rule that makes the Aeon device chime when the virtual switch turns on.

Virtual momentary switch to added to Alexa

Alexa routine that turns on virtual switch when pressed.

Rule Machine trigger that activates Aeon (replace notification action with your own action)

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