All rule machine rules stop working

My C8 hub has a condition every few days where Rule Machine rules appear to stop working. All of them. It is as if triggers aren't recognized. At first I thought it might be performance related, but after upgrading to C8 Pro, no difference.

The hub is not frozen, and worse, when I change the display to "Logs", so I can see if the triggers are working, the hub starts behaving normally, so I have never been able to capture anything to see what is happening.

Does this sound familiar to anyone, or is this just happening to me? If just me I guess I can start disabling rules one by one to see if one of those is the culprit. I currently have 16 rule machine rules and 23 legacy rules.

My C8pro just started having the same issue with the latest firmware The rules will turn on each device at the specified time, but will not turn them off at the designated time.

Any commonalities with your devices, like they are all the same protocol? Zigbee, Z-Wave, LAN/cloud, etc.?

This should not be the case. Go to Logs > Past Logs and you'll see everything you would have seen if you had the default Live Logs view when they actually happened (up to a size-based limit that will eventually purge old entries) -- which it sounds like is what you're trying instead.

Of course, this will be most helpful if you have all logging enabled for the rule (and perhaps at least descriptionText logging enabled for the device, which logs event descriptions like turning on/off).

This sounds like a different problem, though without any other information it's hard to say. Are you using Basic Rule? There is a known issue with restriction settings that will be fixed in a future hotfix. But regardless of what you are using, Logs and the same advice as above would be the best tool for seeing what might be happening.

Yes I am using Basic Rules. Here is a log for one of my outlets. It is set to turn on at sunset and turn off at 10:45pm.

dev:9322024-06-03 02:56:50.111 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher is off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-03 02:56:49.557 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher is off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-03 02:56:48.933 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher is off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-03 02:56:47.686 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher is off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-03 02:56:47.015 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher was turned off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-02 08:42:00.627 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher was turned on [digital]

dev:9322024-06-02 05:52:48.837 AMinfoPool Bug Catcher was turned off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-01 08:42:00.533 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher was turned on [digital]

dev:9322024-06-01 08:36:49.597 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher was turned off [digital]

dev:9322024-06-01 05:32:17.112 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher is on [digital]

dev:9322024-06-01 05:32:15.898 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher is on [digital]

dev:9322024-06-01 05:32:15.379 PMinfoPool Bug Catcher was turned on [digital]

I did also have this problem, where my delayed rules were not being canceled when events happened close together, like when my back door opens and then closes right away. Even though I did see the correct log entry for what I thought should happen, existing delays being canceled first thing in the rule. This seems to be fixed in my current version:

Yes, I know about Past Logs, but a rule that doesn't fire at all, a simple one like pressing a remote switch to turn on a light and fan together, just didn't work. As soon as I change my display to see current logs, then go press the remote switch, all works as it should.

Knowing that the desired outcome wasn't achieved (and that it happens to work if you view live logs) is one thing, but what you really need to know is still in Past Logs: did the rule trigger? And did the device send an event? That might be in Past Logs (if you have descriptionText logging enabled for the device, as it is by default with stock drivers), though the "Events" history for the device on its device detail page is really the authoritative source there.

To be clear, the rule triggering and even the actions running are still both possible even if the outcome was not achieved. But knowing where it breaks down is the first step towards knowing what to fix.

This isn't an issue with recent versions, they have all done this for a while. I chalked it up to my hub trying to do too much, because once a remote switch press turned on the light, maybe a minute later. I ignored this problem for a while, then decided to upgrade to the C8 Pro to see if the better processor speed would fix this, but it made no difference. Now most of my previous versions are for my older C8.

That was a reply to yet another person who posted about a possibly different problem here, which I have now moved to a new topic. (You can tell which post a user selected as being replied to by clicking/tapping the reply arrow icon in the upper right.)

It is all my rules, all appear to stop working. Other things work, like a dashboard that shows temperatures in different areas of the house and yard, or turning on those same switches in a dashboard. It's just rules that are affected, like it isn't detecting any triggers. I have a lot of Zigbee and ZWave devices, that doesn't seem to matter. The remote light/fan switch is the easiest to use for troubleshooting when the problem starts. I see a new version is here already, I guess I'll give that a try.

If you still have problems, to troubleshoot, you will still need to gather the necessary information. Summarizing the above in case it's unclear:

  1. Assuming all logging is/was enabled for the rule (enable it for next time if not), what do "Past Logs," filtered to just this rule, show at the expected times?
  2. Assuming you know a trigger event, is there an event listed for that device under "Events" on the device detail page for that device? (Again, Events, not Logs, is the authoritative source for this, though by default you'll likely see an entry there too.)
  3. If all else looks good, do you see commands sent to your devices by the rules at the expected times? This is also under "Events" (despite the name), but you are looking specifically for ones with "command" under "Type" rather than events. (Events say what the device/hub reported as actually happening, whereas commands are generally an attempt to make something happen. A command doesn't necessarily result in an event, though that's usually the intent/relationship.)

Finally, any other concerning errors in Past Logs or oddities in App/Device Stats or anything else you see would be good to know. See also:

I waited for the simplest of rules to fail, it finally happened. I have a remote switch, Zooz, which turns on 2 Inovelli devices, 1 red switch for a fan, and 1 red dimmer for a light.

In the logs, all I see is that the remote switch device was pressed. No trigger event for the "scene" rule that turns on the 2 switches, which this remote switch is the only trigger. In this case, just viewing the logs was enough for the rule trigger to start working.

Sometimes the red dimmer and switch won't respond to an "on" or "off" command in the device setup screens, in that case I have to reboot the hub.

This seems like 2 different problems, the latter acts more like a Zwave disconnect, while the former acts more like a rule machine issue.

Since it is infrequent, I didn't associate this with a particular upgrade, but it has been happening for a while, and I didn't look into it much as I suspected my hub was overloaded with work, as sometimes there was just a delay. After upgrading to C8 Pro, no more delays, it either works or it does not.