All I want for Christmas is Ikea button support

Please support the Ikea tradfri on/off button! Model E1755.

Sadly IKEA does not implement a standard Zigbee protocol to send their signals, sending multiple repeated orders that are difficult to process, and that has kept HE devs from providing drivers for these fantastic buttons. (This has been covered in multiple threads.)

Some community developed drivers are available for some of their remotes (Sonos volume, shortcut button, …) but battery drain makes them unpractical to use.

I myself had adopted their use, but as with all unreliable devices, I have substituted all but one, which continues to respond reliably and preserve battery (against all odds).

I second your request, although I am losing the faith that this can be achieved on HE.


The title is hilarious, sorry but it isn't possible. How about a bag of coal?

Actually there are cheap options, the sonoff SNZB(zigbee version) and the Tuya 3 button device and the smarthings button(not made any longer, try ebay)
Also the Aqara zigbee 3.0 "Opple" buttons work well


I've got a couple of the sonoff buttons in service and they work very well. I haven't had them long enough to comment on battery life yet.

Yah know...
Ikea is actually run by some pretty reasonable (standards appreciating) people at "the top". [Addendum: So it surprises me to read suggestion and findings that their ZigBee adoption may be less than standard.] One wonders if "the top" knows how attractive their Tradfri offerings would be if they consistently worked well across the spectrum of hubs out there.

Ikea typically aims for their stuff (furniture or otherwise) to be fairly "out-of-the-box-easy" so I can see the impetus for some of this (like the E1755 -> E1743 switch) to work "as a kit" with say the bulb in the box. BUT...I would bet the sell through would be greater if there was "less roulette" in the line for those of us that would like to adopt the product line into generic hub-space.

I wonder how much of the Tradfri product line was vendor(s) dictating to Ikea vs Ikea making
overt decisions to end up with this silo'd hodge podge.

Then again, and not to start yet another thread on this :grimacing:, someone has said that Ikea is falling within the ZigBee standard ....and that it is HE that has yet to adopt some of the constructs (i.e. groups?).

You might be able to get these to work via Zigbee2MQTT. They don't list that button, but that doesn't mean you might not be able to get it working. Where there's a will, there's often a way. But if you're not into all the work involved to get there, it's not going to be fun for you.

It's also possible to get this IKEA button controller working through Home Assistant, and then through the Hubitat integration for Home Assistant, you could share virtual switches. Next you could create automations in HA so that when a button was pressed, it would trigger the virtual switch on Hubitat. You would set the switch in Hubitat to turn off after 500ms. I did this so I could make a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote work with Hubitat automations, but only as a test. The thing about trying to save money and hacking all this stuff together, is that typically it doesn't work all the time. That's frustrating for you and your family.

If you want the best button setup around (my opinion, but I'm certainly not alone), you spend the cash up front for a Lutron Smart Bridge Pro and you add Pico buttons around your house. The Pico controllers are really inexpensive (In the USA and Canada), VERY reliable, with long battery life, and they have great accessories available for mounting them. Heck, there's even a clip for your car's sun-visor!

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I picked up an IKEA shortcut button yesterday to test out with Home Assistant. These work with Hubitat using a community driver, but the battery life is reported to be very short. I have had the similar experience with the Symfonisk Sound Controller, but on Home Assistant (with a Conbee 2 using the Zigbee ZHA integration) it was fine.

I am seeing this being reported by Home Assistant users with the same setup I have, as having poor battery life there as well. I'll update my post after a bit of time.

Making this work with Hubitat was pretty straight forward, but did need an unusual (for me anyway) Home Assistant automation. The Trådfri shortcut button doesn't show up as a button device like the LCBR did for me in HA, so you need to have the HA automation listen for the Zigbee event when it's pushed. Then it's just a matter of having the HA automation toggle a virtual switch or some other device shared from Hubitat by way of the Hubitat Integration for Home Assistant.

Replace the Shortcut button's device IEEE with the specific ID from your paired button in HA

Make the automation toggle your switch or device in HA (shared from Hubitat via the Hubitat Integration for Home Assistant).

Do you mean the E1743? This is the button that comes with their fyrtur blinds which is E1755

If so you'll have to use deconz or zigbee2mqtt if you really must use them. I have a few running perfectly on Z2M.

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I’m using deconz pi integration with all my ikea buttons. Works good.
You can also use SmartThings hub, if you have one laying around, but in this case it won’t be really local.

Day 2 and it's already down from the 75% it showed initially. Might not be accurate, but it's in-line with the reports of poor battery life.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 1.04.51 AM

In my experience battery drops rapidly to about 15-20% and tends to stay around that level for quite a while.

I could not get my IKEA controller (the 5 button) and SHORTCUT buttons to work more than a few days before killing the battery. I tried for months with various repeaters and direct to both ST and HE hubs.

I gave up. They all went back to IKEA for a full refund last weekend. My time and sanity are worth more than some inexpensive buttons.


I’m so sad the Smarthings button and their sensors (I think) are no longer made. Those buttons, sensors, and motion detectors have been cheap and reliable. Glad I have what I have at least.

I'm really questioning the battery reporting of this device. This is what it now shows, one day later.

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 10.19.13 PM

I'll pull the battery in a day or two and check it with my ZTS MBT-1

Aeotec now makes those exact same devices, along with the same v3 ST hub.

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The sellers list never populates on any of the Zigbee devices. Doesn't seem like they're available yet.

They are selling through Amazon some of the stuff.

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They are available in Canada at Aartech... 35$ cad. For that price you can get 4 ikea buttons but they are going to cost you a fortune in batteries.


I’m not so sure about that. I just pulled the battery and tested with my MBT-1 and it’s at 100%. Home Assistant says it’s at 21%. I’m wondering how many of you have actually tested that battery in a tester when you thought it was dead. The battery reporting from this device seems to be absolute garbage.

In my case I never bothered about the battery reporting. My buttons just died after a few days.

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