Alfred Smart Lock current state

I have an Alfred DB2 smart lock which I’m controlling via a Hubitat app. The app locks/unlock fine. However, the current state is never updated. If you watch the smart lock using “Devices” within Hubitat, the “Current States”, “lock” remains the same regardless of if the lock is locked or unlocked. The only way I get the current state to update is press the “Refresh” icon. In my app code, I have a refresh command which doesn’t change the state. For example, a line of code I’m using is “AlfredLock.refresh()”.
My hub is a C5 (firmware just updated today). I’m using “Alfred Z-Wave Lock” as the driver. Also, I have two Aeotec range extenders (one is about 10-12” from the lock.
I installed a new z-wave module from Alfred and it didn’t solve the problem. I wonder if there is an issue with the Hubitat driver. Any thoughts?

I have a DB2-B and I just went to the device page and locked and unlock and it updated under current state just as my pushover notification came through both times.

Thanks. Now I'm really confused. Is your lock using “Alfred Z-Wave Lock” as the type? Did the change in state show pretty quick or did it take time?

Hi. It’s pretty quick. As I said same amount of time that I get my pushover notification.

Maybe I can record the screen.

Let me know if you can access this.

Yes, thanks. Looks like the refresh takes about 3-4 seconds which is fine. I've waited a minute with no luck.
It appears you have a C7 hub and I have a C5. Not sure if that means anything.

I never had this lock on my C5. I did had a Schlage non-plus which was ok on the C5 but was making me go insane on the C7. Yes I could have just kept it connected to the C5 but instead I used it as an excuse to get a new one :wink:

I am having the same issues as wjohnson54. Was this solved?

FWIW, I've noticed that my Alfred DB1 frequently fails to report status changes to the hub. It's weird, as I will see battery % updates in the log around the same time the lock was locked or unlocked manually, but no log entry for the lock/unlock.
It's getting to be a pain, as automations which use the lock status or trigger on the lock/unlock events are failing regularly.

I don't know if it's related, but I also find that Alfred's One Touch Unlock feature is not at all reliable. When I first set it up it was working well, but after a while I find myself having to enter my PIN to unlock the door after returning home.

Edit: Looks like there are a few other threads with people experiencing similar issues over time, such as this one: Bug Report: Alfred Lock device Refreshing - Get Help / Devices - Hubitat