Bug Report: Alfred Lock device Refreshing

I was experiencing this as well @mike.maxwell. I have two locks. One old firmware and one new firmware. Neither were updating status. My zwave aeotec 6's weren't updating either unless I hit refresh along with both locks. The older firmware one was worse. BUT ... my hub locked up yesterday. Took. It. Down.
Bobby advised me to soft reset and restore (because of my situation - lock up). I did. Also, I excluded that old firmware module lock. After the reset, the platform update came through, so I ran that on both hubs. When we went to bed, everything was very delayed and buggy, but I left it alone. The lock and sensors were not updating status. This morning, everything is snappy and happy. I've checked my multi's and they are reporting. And, so far, the one lock has reported change each time. I'm going in at random and closing the door to see if the rule fires. So far I've done it twice this morning and the lock has worked as expected both times. I will do this throughout the day to make sure. There was something up. I'm not a developer, so I'm at your mercy, and I made some real changes with the reset and excluding the old firmware module, so there's not a real way to tell what that something was. Feel free to look at my logs if you'd like Mike. I'm optimistic that my issue is resolving. but Jonas only has the 1 lock with the new firmware, so it might still be lingering in the shadows?

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There's definitely something wrong. Right now I'm looking at the lock, it says it's locked but it's not. If I go into the device and hit refresh, it will change state. What can I do to try to resolve?

Are you getting anything funny in your logs?

Nothing funny in the logs, which is why this is really bothering me. Usually I have some indication. I am trying to wait to see how long it takes before it actually refreshes automatically, maybe it's an interval thing, BUT....as of now it's been 45 min and the lock still shows LOCKED even though it's not. :frowning:

Locks aren't polled (Unless you set it up) and so they don't report status unless there's a change. It's not going to suddenly update the status without a change to the lock or a refresh.

I need to monitor my lock for a while to see how things are responding. Maybe something will show up if I sit on this and let the hub go through it's paces without pounding on the lock for results. See how the hub generally responds to normal use. What I've done so far was add an aeotec 6 repeater to my environment. Mostly because of my schlage lock that quit working after adding the Alfreds. And that lock was not working well before today either.

I get that. As I said above, when i unlock the lock, it doesn't change state without a manual refresh. Same for locking. After I do it, i waited to manually refresh to see if it changes on its own and it never does. since these last 3 updates. it was working instantly before that. I unlock, it immediately changes. Same for locking....so something is broken.

Now logically and technically this does not make sense but have you done a z-wave repair after the updates when this problem started happening? If not you might try it.

Yes, I have run Zwave repair each time.

Well it was a long shot anyways and shouldn't be necessary but never know.

Thanks...I appreciate the response. I wish I was a developer in times like this....relying on others to sovle my problems isn't something I like to do, lol

I just installed my new Alfred DB2-B with the Z-wave module and have it integrated with my HE C-7 running I'm having the same problem with status not updating in Hubitat. The status updates if I manually do a refresh on the device page. From a couple of the old posts, it looks like the status used to refresh but now does not. Any idea if this is getting any attention?

I have a Schlage BE369 lock that just started experiencing the same issue on Hubitat C-7. I've only been using the Hubitat for about a week but the lock was working perfectly up until this afternoon when it just stopped refreshing status. I've done all the usual things: updated hub to latest version, rebooted hub, repaired z-wave, removed batteries for 30 seconds, excluded/included lock but it just won't refresh anymore. I was on ver when it first happened and updated to hoping there would be some sort of fix but no such luck. Lock shows 80% battery life but maybe I'll swap those out just to be sure.

Is it S0 or S2?

It shows S0 in the Z-Wave details.

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K, thx. I know @bcopeland was fixing some S2 issues--but, since this is S0, those issues don't apply.

Hi Brian21,

I am running on my HE c-7 with no issues refreshing. But I'm using S2 Access Control.
Glad I check, it's time to replace the batteries


Alfred suggested I try re-pairing my lock. I did that and it's reporting status just fine. I guess there had been some problem in the original pairing, although it seemed to complete properly. Both times I successfully paired the lock (with multiple failures), I got the following selection box and kept the defaults shown.

I was able to get my status to update again by using the Reliable Lock virtual device from this article: [Release] Reliable Locks

This isn't an actual fix but more of a workaround. It's a mild inconvenience but at least it appears to be working again. The main downside is that it could potentially drain your batteries faster depending on how you configure the virtual device. It will trigger a refresh after a few seconds but I think there was another option to also poll the device on a regular interval. The continued polling could impact battery life.