Alexa sees iris motion sensor as temp only now

For some reason alexa is seeing my v3 iris motion sensors as Temp only now. I have a couple running wifi devices and the alexa routines won't work now. Specifically I have a a routine that turn on two wifi lamps if my motion sensor detects motion. It will work with the zigbee light bulbs in my cans but not the wifi plug switches on the lamps anymore

I just ran a quick test, and my Iris v2 motion sensor triggered an Alexa Routine without any issue.

Are you sure Alexa is not having an issue sending commands to your WiFi lamps?

Yes I can run the routine using the play button on the routine and it works fine

My Iris motion sensors look the same as yours in Hubitat, and they still work fine as triggers to Alexa routines.

If you look at the Iris sensor in your Hubitat hub, do you see it changing from ‘active’ to ‘inactive’ based on motion? Perhaps it simply needs a new battery?

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Yes it is reactive and as a test I created a simple automation to turn on my sengled zigbee can lights and it works flawless with that.

But to be clear this occurring on both my hub and my parents hub. Same condition two different hubs and houses

So, doesn’t this point to an Amazon Alexa or WiFi Switch issue? If a Hubitat motion sensor can trigger and Alexa Routine, that then turns on Hubitat connected Sengled sounds like Hubitat is working correctly, right?

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That I don't know I'm going try that

They worked flawless before not sure why they won't now. The alexa routine works as it should when run manually

I'm wondering if there is an alexa skill issue

Ok so this is odd. I just simply added a ikea plug to the alexa routine to Turn on also when motion is triggered and now the routine works again both the wifi lights and ikea zigbee plug turn on

I then removed the plug from m the routine and the routine now seems to work fine

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Just to add to your guess about Alexa issues I was at a friends house tonight and the Amazon Echo was having all kinds of problems, which we thought was her home wifi.(around 5 PM PC-time zone) Not sure for how long but her husband said "piece of crap was worthless all day" I had a little trouble understanding his "technical" explanation, but did recognize user frustration.

Well now none of my wifi devices are working via iris motion sensors when using an alexa routine
Voice commands work fine
Manuel play of th alexa routine works fine even creating a routine via motion to control a zigbee device works fine.

Same thing at my parents house this just started with the recent update to hubitat

I don’t know what issue you’ve run into. I use just 2 Alexa routines that are triggered by Hubitat sensors. They both work just fine.

My Hubitats have platform version

I should add that voice control via Alexa is also ok.

So, while I don’t doubt that your routines have gone flaky, it isn’t a widespread issue with the latest platform version.


Alexa was having cloud issues tonight. All of ours telling us they were offline when no one was even speaking to them.

Hold out, things will settle. This is the reality of cloud integrations. If you need consistency, you have to take as much local as possible. Voice assistants are still difficult to do locally unfortunately.


Maybe if/when Mycroft Mark II starts selling in volume, someone will create a Hubitat integration, although I guess even that is only partly local. But I guess voice commands can potentially be made as a local skill.

Yeah I only have 3 wifi devices left just happens one is a wifi plug to link and the other us 4 wiz lights that haven't been replaced my sengled bulbs yet. Everything else is zigbe

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