Alexa seeing ST motion sensor as temperature sensor

How do I get Alexa to "see" the device as a motion sensor (it is both) and not a temp sensor?

When it is on the ST hub it shows up as motion.


I have found this also.
I think it depends on the driver you use.
I currently use the generic contact sensor driver (as I found I had an issue the ST driver) and now it shows as temp
When I was using the ST driver it would show in alexa as a contact sensor

Looks like you still have the issue then?

I only just re added the device back to the alexa skill. So hadn't used in a while. But as it stands using the generic driver....yes issue persists.

Ill add my other st sensor to Alexa (using st driver) and see what happens

I switched the HE driver to generic zigbee contact sensor and it seems to work in Alexa as a switch

The biggest issue I am having is getting the zigbee repeater plugs I have positioned so it will reach to the back bedroom where I want to use it to switch the light on and off

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