Alexa not patient enougth for my garage door?

I just setup a garage door control with Zooz Zen16 and the Zooz Garage Door App from @krlaframboise. It's been really simple and it works perfectly from HE device page and dashboard.

When it comes to asking Alexa to Open (or Close) the door, the command is sent, the door actually opens but after ~15 seconds Alexa answers "Sorry I can't connect to network, try again later" (the message may not be exactly that as my Alexa speaks french).

My door takes around 20 seconds to physically open. Could it be that Alexa do not wait long enough for status confirmation?

  • I have tried the "Respond immediately without waiting for device" option in Amazon Echo Skill. That do the trick but since this setting is global, it has impact on other devices. For example I'll ask Alexa "Lock the door" and she'll answer "Ok, the door is unlocked" (because she don't wait the lock to operate).

  • I also tried @muza Garage Opener app. Same thing, works fine in HE but same message after ~15 from Alexa.

Anyone has an idea whether Alexa's timeout can be extended or if I can change anything to the app code so Alexa stops waiting?

EDIT: I should have say that I expose directly the garage door device to the skill, not the virtual lock from the Zooz App. Tried the virtual lock, it doesn't cause the error message but it has the drawback that Alexa doesn't display it with a garage door icon and verbs have to be lock/unlock rather than open/close.

[RELEASE] Zooz Garage Door Opener - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat

[Release] Garage Opener app (beta) - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat

I grew frustrated with Alexa behaving randomly when she knows it is a garage door. Life has been easier when I gave up and set up routines that flip a virtual switch on the HE side. I trigger these with nonsense phrases such as “Alexa jumbo fizz” to open and “Alexa full banana” to close. Seriously. She has no idea she is controlling a garage door and it now works 100% of the time.

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Could it be the Hubitat Skill that needs an update? I found this documentation. If I understand well, a garage door should ask for a PIN just like a lock but with verbs Open/Close.

I am using the Zooz app as well and sending to Alexa. Make sure you share the virtual garage door device created by the app. Alexa should require a PIN to open when it detects it is a garage door. I only use Alexa to close the door sometimes and it does exactly as you describe. It works fine but then says it had a problem about 20-30 seconds later (after the door is already shut). I can even ask Alexa before the error if the door is closed and she will say it is so it is getting the event that the door is closed but still giving an error. I suspect it is something broken on the Alexa end. I have no problems with Siri controlling the door.

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Yes, I share the virtual garage door.

I found this in the same doc that I shared earlier.

Note: Skills that control a garage door are supported in en-US only.

I'm using fr-CA. I can see and operate the garage door in the mobile app (without a PIN and with error message) but not in the PC app. Maybay due to my language... :thinking:

Possibly. There is also an option in the Zooz app to create a virtual lock and PIN to open. I was going to use it but then realized it required a PIN by default without having to do anything for me. That option might be what you need to use to get the PIN code for the open command in your case. I would not leave it without a PIN, as someone could yell through a nearby window (even if closed) and get your garage door open.

When using the Zooz lock option, Alexa sees the door as a door lock. That means that to open the door we must ask Alexa to "unlock" the door.

When Alexa sees the door as a garage door opener, it has the garage door icon and the verbs are open/close. But that's where a have this error.... :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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