Alexa Issues?

Ever since I updated to 2.1.3 (I did also add all my contact sensors to Alexa) I'm having issues. It started yesterday. In the morning everything is fine, by evening, when I ask Alexa to do something I get "sorry I'm having trouble...". I reboot my Hubitat and all is fine. It's been 2 nights now. I just updated from to, hoping that helps, but is anyone else experiencing issues? Alexa has been flawless with Hubitat until now.

I’ve been having issues as well since the update. I’m having to reboot the hub 1-2 times a day. Alexa and Homebridge stop working at the same time.

Don't know how to link threads, but review this one

Cloud endpoints not working

Kinda explains this problem

Ah didn't realize that was related. Hopefully the update fixes it!

So far so good after the new update! Hope it fixed it for everyone.

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