Alexa Greetings when arrive home

Hi, I am new to Hubitat, moved from ST hub. How can I configure Hubitat to trigger action
Action " Alexa greet my wife and my son individually by name"
how can Hubitat sense them separately .

I do not have ST arrival sensor at the moment.

I have an automation that triggers if the foyer motion sensor turns on, and the vestibule sensor is already on. The vestibule is the first thing a person entering a house encounters, so if the foyer sensor turns on and the vestibule sensor is already on, it means someone just came through the door. That sends a command to the echo in the foyer to say hello. It does not distinguish between people, and works for guests as well as residents.

I have toyed with the idea of using presence sensors (or iPhone geofencing) to figure out who just entered but the presence sensor scheme I am using isnt all that reliable.

The "Iphone sensor" community program does work, and works rather well.
It relies on a fixed static ip being assigned to each user whenever they sign into wifi.
When that happens, they are marked as "present". Although it says "iphone", that's not really the case.

In addition, many users have combined that "presence sensing" with other types of presence sensing - from the Hubitat app, or from other means (such as a smartthings sensor). There is a "combined presence" community app that also works well.

Finally, using that in order to do a notification, is not that difficult, in rule machine, or in the notifier.

Setting up your Alexa devices as TTS notification devices requires some skill, and the Echo Speaks community app.

I hope that completely answers your question.

you could use this in combination with private booleans to do announcements.

if (person = present) and (boolean = false)
announce "welcome <person>"
boolean = true

this way it won't announce for a person who is already home

to keep track of when people leave

if (person = away and boolean = true)
boolean = false

the only thing with this is you might have to create combinations of everyone (e.g. person a, b, c, d, ab, ac, ad, bc, bd, cd, abc, abd, acd, bcd, abcd) to do a single announcement when arriving in groups

Hello. Thanks, I do belong to technical back ground but working for Boolean and TTS notification are new for me.

Furthermore I am not a iphone user nor any one in my family use iphone. All of them use Android.

i also am an android user but use the "iphone presence sensor" and it works fine

I have my system setup to welcome our family members on arrival (in French). I use two separate apps. One that records names and the other that welcomes them when the door is open. It will announce on a different Echo depending on which door is open:

Both of these trigger on arrival of the device carried by every family member.

  1. Recording the names (Replace “et” by “and”). It requires a “Connector” variable to work. A global variable would also do the trick.
    First, check if the name is already in the list to avoid duplicates. Then replace “ and” with “, “ (“ et” in my case) to avoid having it say welcome home John and Jane and Joe... Finally, either add the name on its own if the string is empty or add the new name to the one already in the string by adding “ and “ (“ et “ in my case - French...)

  2. Make the announcement a bit after the door opened, to give them time to walk through the door before the notification occurs.


Hello, looks impressive. I will implement this but I do not have multiple door. I have only one door to enter in to my house.

Furthermore, I will be needing your help as I go through this implementation. I am not sure if there is one to one message option available on this community.


for the life of me...i can't find the REPLACE function...where is that in RM?

edit: i figured out replace. what are you doing here?


are you checking to see if the variable is blank ' '? or what are you doing to get it evaluate to T?

also, how do i get local variable arrivalNamesConnector from app1 into app2 if it's local to app1?

This was done in Rule Machine Legacy (RM 4) and there have been some major changes since in the latest Rule Machine. I used something called connector variables, which are no longer used/available. You could instead use a Hub Variable to share the information from one rule to another.

As for the IF condition, it’s been a while - I think it’s checking if the value is blank.

thank you. i got it all sorted out. per your advice, i did use a global variable and the IF condition was checking for a blank. thanks.

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