Alexa / Google home or Chrome cast text to speech

Hi everyone, I am new here and I guess I am missed something to get the whole text to speech thing working. I have two Echo dots and an echo show. I also have two Google home devices. I have Alexa connected via Bluetooth to my whole house audio system. I would like my master bedroom echo dot to be able to do text to speech while it is connected via Bluetooth to my whole house audio system. I have installed the Alexa Skill and the Google Home App. When I wrote a rule for my front door motion to trigger the light to turn on, there was no option for text to speech. Only the option for a text alert. When my front door motion is triggered, I want my lights to turn on, which they do and Alexa to announce a front door visitor. What am I missing? Someone said you could use a Chrome cast audio to connect to my whole house music system and do text to speech through there. How do you set this up if you can't use Alexa? I appreciate any help with this.

Take another look in Rule Machine, there is definitely “Send or Speak a Message”

By "default", Amazon doesn't allow TTS from external services, however, we have three projects here that do enable such a feature: Echo Speaks, Alexa TTS and Alexa TTS via Google. They are all fairly easy to setup, but it does require a bit more than just point and click installing.


With no prior allegiance with either Google or Alexa, it was the simple TTS setup that saw me go with Google Home Mini and it's been working great.

Can you explain how you set up your Google home mini. Maybe that's my issue. I just downloaded the app like I did all the others. I didn't see anyway to configure the app once it downloaded. Should I configure something in the Google home app on my phone? I believe Google Home already detected my lights and other devices. Is there a skill in the Google app for Habitat that I need to enable. If so, how do you do that. I am still learning the Google home app. I'm more of a Alexa guy. Thanks for your reply and help

There is a document covering setting up the full integration -

There is a Google integration app within Hubitat and there is a "Works with Google" Hubitat service that you link to from Google Home.

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Yep, followIing those instructs got my GHM device added to the App on your mobile and associated with the chromecast App within HE. I linked a Device which I called ‘Kitchen Speaker ‘ that’s set as Chromecast Video, which was automatically chosen and works.

Thanks for the details. I did not have the Chromecast app downloaded on Hubitat. That was the missing link. As soon as I installed that, I was able to get everything up and running just fine. Your the best!