Aladdin Connect (garage door) driver

I used the @tomw Aladdin Connect driver, which was based on reverse engineering, for over a year. It recently broke. It appears that Genie changed things, breaking it. :angry: More info here.

Smartthings now has built-in support, and is listed as a partner on Genie's page, along with several others. It's not clear if it's local or cloud.

I know a lot of HE drivers are converted from SmartThings ones. I've never dealt with ST. Is it possible to view the built-in ST drivers, so there's the possibility of converting? Or, perhaps @bravenel can work with Genie to become a partner and offer official support?

@mikes Considering it's cloud based that seems unlikely. Honestly you can convert the whole thing to local with a zooz zen-16 relay, and an ecolink tilt sensor (you may also need a security 2.0 to dry contact button which is about 20 bux) And completely abandon the cloud thing.

That said a more direct answer to your question, you could try importing the st driver then working out where the errors are. There isn't any guarantee that it will work.... Though maybe a dev here already has a private integration they haven't posted

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I've actually been debating this for a while. But I have a hard time envisioning how to set that up, and honestly, the illustration they have doesn't help. I do have questions:

Do I still have the wall button I currently have as an option to open and close the door (going into the app or dashboards isn't necessarily the most convenient thing if I'm working in the garage and want to run out to the truck or take the garbage out real quick) .

Where the illustration Zooz has put out fails me is I don't have exposed wires between the button and the opener (and would prefer to keep that clean appearance), the wires run behind the wallboard and through the attic.

I'm thinking all I would do is disconnect the wire from the opener and Conect it to the relay, then run some bell wire between the relay and the opener? Is that accurate?

Could I use one of the new Zooz XS Tilt sensors instead of the ecolink (already have one of them) ?

Once this is all said and done, is the Aladdin Connect app useless? Or does that still work in addition to the zwave?

Finally, on the Dashboard, it it just one tile to control and display current status?

Sure, most things can be solved by throwing money at them.

30-50 bux is a small price and not spending the money gets you no integration and a cloud based iot device. If you have another way of doing it, I'm all ears... (And as an aside, writing code isn't actually free as people's time still costs)

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Yes, and you could easily mount the relay to the frame holding the actual motor. Also it has 3 relays you can run a set to your other garage door (if you have 2)

Likely yes.... If it sticks on the door, should be fine.

Works in addition.


Now, the only other thing you may need is the Security 2.0 to dry contact button wired in. You can mount that next to the relay. This is simply to allow security 2.0 encryption if needed to pass to the zooz. You can get that here.

To test if you need it, simply jump the two bell wires at the garage door opener together (where you're existing garage button is) to see if it opens. If not, then you need the adapter. Your safety eyes need not to be modified, hey will work as normal as well. You could get fancy and add in a Ring v2 keypad on the outside of the garage as well to open it... :slight_smile:


One more question..(tagging @agnes.zooz )is the ZEN17 just an upgraded (I assume zwave700) version of the Zen 16?

No, the ZEN17 has more functionality with double relays (NO and NC while the ZEN16 is NO only). It has 2 input types per each output (dry OR low voltage) while the ZEN16 only accepts dry inputs. There's also the ability to report the inputs as sensor types via Z-Wave on the ZEN17. On the other hand, the ZEN16 has 3 outputs (relays) while the ZEN17 only has 2. As you mentioned, the ZEN17 features the 700 Z-Wave chip and supports SmartStart while the ZEN16 only supports S2 Unauthenticated and is based on the 500 series chip.



Just for the record, I'll be monitoring the issue that you posted to from the HA GitHub project and will update my driver if someone finds a solution.

But I have to echo the other suggestions in this thread to go local somehow else if possible. It was good while it lasted. :frowning:

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So, could I use the ZEN17 as described above by @rlithgow1 to control my Genie garage door opener? I only have one door. And to follow up on that thought, (if the answer is yes) would that then negate the additional security 2.0 dry contact adapter?
Would it be an issue to use one of the new XS Tilt /Shock sensors (already have it on the door in question) instead of the ecolink?

And a general question for anyone, are the instructions somewhere to set all this up (not just the physical, but on the hub as well)?

I have a genie opener, but it's a super basic model - it doesn't have any fancy security stuff, so I have no experience with that.

My first suggestion is to determine if you have any security stuff to deal with - to check, find where the 2 wall-switch wires connect at the opener. If those connections screws are exposed, use a needlenose pliers to short/jump the 2 screws - if the door opens, you don't have the extra security. If those connection points are more of a push-in button things (instead of screws), use a short U-shaped piece of wire to jump/short the 2 connection points.

The Zen 17 (or 16) cannot itself deal with the extra security stuff - if you need that extra-security workaround, you'll need adapter @rlithgow1 mentions above.

You should be able to use the new Zooz tilt sensor for the door (or any other tilt sensor). If you use a wireless sensor to monitor door position (as opposed to something like dumb wired reed sensors), then either the Zen 16 or 17 will work equally well for you.

The garage documentation here for the Zen 16 is a good starting point (all that info applies the same for the Z17 too).


Thank you and @rlithgow1 for all this great information! I will work on this today. I kinda want to get moving with this and get away for the cloud dependence.

I'm willing to bet mine is basic too. It's builder grade...

I'm inclined to go with the 17 just to get the 700 and S2. I'll use some older 500, but I'm really going to try and go with the 700 stuff going forward where possible.

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Thing is, 99% of the time I want to use it, it's remote. If I'm local, I just push the button. So, cloud via HE or via Aladdin makes little difference. The only real utility I'd get from a strictly local integration would be for monitoring (e.g. turn an indicator red if any door is unlocked or the garage door is open).

There are two aspects of remoteness: are you remote from your opener, and is the operation of the opener reliant on a remote service?

You can remotely operate a door which is locally controlled. That's what I was getting at.


For a single door garage (mine is too), I think the Z17 is a smart play - compared to the Z16, it gives you more options to do other things with the sensor inputs as they relate to the relays, which may be nice in the future for other stuff in the garage. The downside is that the 17 is 2 relays vs 3 with the Z16, but for a single-door garage, that still leaves you with 1 relay to use in the future.

ETA - If you go Z17, I'd encourage you to consider pairing it as plain "No Security" (but not "S0") instead of S2... IMHO, S2 is currently more hassle right now than it's worth (even for a security-conscious thing like a garage door), but other folks may rightfully disagree. Up to you either way, but I'd urge you to do some research on the topic before blindly pairing it as S2.

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Just tested (push button type connectors), and door opened, so that means no security, correct? I would just need the relay and tilt sensor (already in place) , correct? I'll research the S2 a bit more. I'm just ordering it today, so will be a week or two before I dive into this.

Just curious,(looking for ideas) what would be some other uses for the additional relay?

Pair door locks and garage door openers with security. Pair everything else without and your system will run smoothly.


If the shorting trick worked (sounds like it did), then you don't have to worry about the additional security gadget (which in nice!).

Pairing it as "S2" or "No security" is up to you - I myself don't feel that S2 is fully ready for primetime yet (and that's a SiLabs thing to iron out, not Hubitat), so I don't use it. I'm not anti-S2 - I look forward to using it someday, but I don't trust it quite yet. Other folks here are using S2 with no issues though, so as with most things, YMMV.

I'm not using my other Z17 relay for anything, but that's mainly because I've tied up the 2 sensor slots for my 2 wired (dumb) reed sensors that I use for door position instead of a wireless tilt sensor (one tracks full-open position, the other tracks full-closed).

I have a detached garage up here in MN, so I avoid battery stuff out there as much as possible (wide seasonal temp swings out there!). The main reason I went Z17 over Z16 is that I can use its sensor slots for those reed sensors - it's a setup that works really well for my environment up here.

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One more thought... The latest f/w for the Z17 is 1.04 (AFAIK!) -- your Z17 may ship with that already installed, but just in case, you may as well request that firmware file from Zooz now so that you have it readily available when your unit arrives.

You can use this support-ticket form to request the latest firmware since Zooz doesn't publicly post f/w files.


The ZEN16 instructions @hydro311 posted would be recommended, they'll work for any relay and tilt sensor. You just need to follow them to the detail and if you get stuck, feel free to get in touch with our support team and we'll be happy to help!

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