AirThings support (or lack of) - Has anyone had any luck?

I've been using the excellent integration for AirThings to integrate a few sensors into my HVAC automation system. Air Things View Plus

To that end I had purchased two Airthings Wave Plus sensors, and an AirThings Hub in April of around $850. After about 4 months of reliable performance one of the sensors suddenly started reporting insanely high radon levels, and stopped reporting every two minutes to the hub. This of course makes the unit useless for HVAC automation.

Their support via chat is a bit of a joke and after being basically run around in circles for 10 days, I am wondering if this company has the worst support ever, or I've just got an agent who is trying to stall resolution. Has anyone dealt with these folks successfully?

I normally would not create a post of this nature, but if this support behaviour is typical, I'd steer well clear of purchasing any AirThings product.

I’ve had good luck with their support. One of my Vue Plus wouldn’t act as a hub anymore and they replaced it free of charge. I had to send mine first which was odd, but otherwise, happy with the result.

It appears the issue has been escalated so hopefully a replacement will be sent out.

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I'll admit the process was frustrating, but the support folks on this issue remained professional and have sent out a replacement Wave Plus unit. It should be in hand tomorrow.

I've been averaging CO2 readings from two AirThings Wave units and a main floor Ecowitt sensor to manage ventilation rates on our HRV. Additionally, high VOC or Radon levels from either AirThings sensor will kick the HRV again into max ventilation rate, about 100 CFM.

The two HRV ECM fans (stale and fresh) and kitchen exhaust fan are all speed controlled via 0-10 Volt and Hubitat: