Air Wick Home Automation Hack

Not sure if anyone is interested but I just automated the Air Wicks in the house.

I was so fed up with them just firing away day and night until even when the scent or batteries ran out.

So I replaced the AA batteries with USB Battery Eliminator from Ali Express (approx £3), added spare USB power plug and a spare zwave socket.

When power is turned on for the ZWAVE socket (can be wifi/Zigbee/433MHz as long as HE can control it) it takes about 14 seconds for the Air Wick to deliver ONE spray, I auto turn off after 2 mins.

I drive them using the Motion Sensors I have in HE already - detect motion deliver one spray - may need to slow it down for high traffic areas.

Also added a Rule that is Alexa enabled - Turn ON Freshen Up and it gives a quick spray from each Air Wick.

It was fun thing that reduces costs and is more useful.


Small world!

I did almost the same. Initially I had a 3v dcu psu plus ikea zigbee outlet, but in some rooms I have two fresheners and is was getting a bit overkill.

So now I convert them to 12v, and use a nodemcu close by (which does other things too), to power a relay. Note that I have a variety of daft projects around the home, and it made more sense to eventually replace the multiple dc units with one single high amps 12v psu with which I send around the entire house. Wherever I need a step down, I either use a step down dc unit (as in, inside the air wicks and inside my external 6v alarm box), or a 12v-5v-usb converter inside my back boxes for my multiple nodemcu's.

Works ace =)