A closer look at that air freshener hack. Could be hacked to be a SH button-pusher

Original video here:

I've been looking for a zigbee button-pusher ever since switchbot v1 hit the market. Take a look at the nice, cheap, gear-driven, battery-powered actuator.


Easily converted to usb power and hubitat controlled activation.

One on order. Hacksaw ready.

Great idea. I use mine with a 12v power source (all around the house) with 12v-3v step down converters inside each of my airwicks. I haven't actually managed to figure out how to create an 'instant' button push (now, that's on my list :D), I simply power on, wait 30 secs, then power off again on a schedule.

The units have a default 15 second (?) delay after power-on to do a test spray.

I use these via nodemcu's to control x amount of blasts per hour, during certain hours only, and a different schedule if the house alarm is set/unset.

Good Idea. I've been using a zwave value on a piece of PVC to turn on my coffee maker. This seems like it will at least look a bit better. Do you have a link to the one you ordered? I can't find the one in the video.


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couldn't you just use a relay to trigger the "blue button"? I've used a ZEN16 to push buttons on remotes to act as remote fingers for me, figure the same could apply here

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The auto air freshener I bought (Amz above) is on the project table. Here's what I've determined so far;

The entire gearbox, motor, electronics, and battery assembly are now mounted in a single housing that unscrews and lifts out of the outer decorative shell.

The actuator has about 3/16" of linear throw. As expected, it does have a good, forceful push action.

The actuator depends upon spring action of the button to return it to the 'ready' position.

There is no blue button for manual operation.