Air Quality Capability


Will air quality capability be considered to added into the current list?

Also is it possible to add unit into the attributes for Battery (%) , temperature (C/F), humidity(%).

The air quality capability only has one number, an air quality index. It doesn't seem like that has much value added.

Are you talking about to display on a dashboard? Where would you like the unit displayed?

I'd like to have air quality capability so it will trigger an event when number changed , and the event could be captured by InfluxDB logger. I know so far ST air quality sensor only has one number which is not enough to show air quality...

For unit added into attributes, it could be shown on the states list, on a dashboard, and also good for the InfluxDB logger ( when softpoll() call a faked event via attributes, unit will be shown as null).

Search for Asthma Forecaster (BTPworld). It obtains web data for a zip code and includes both the overall index plus the values of certain triggers. If you want to customize, the basics are there for about anything you want to incorporate into a dashboard attribute. It uses "Sensor" as the capability for apps/rule machines to find the device. It 8 or so attributes to pick from; however, customization is probably the way to go.

Below are the two attribute tiles I have prototyped for myself. I do not use rule machine yet (trying to get all devices perfect first). When I do I may add some attributes from the significant amout of data received from the web interface.


There is a device from blebox that collects local data (in house). I have written a driver for it - but still need a testbed! It provides measurements for the PM2.5 and PM10 (plus other data) If you are really sensitive, the in-house data is very important since you spend 10 - 14 hours a day at home.


Unit is not part of the attribute, it is normally part of the descriptionText for the event, as well as being added to the unit property of the event. Our dashboard uses the unit value provided as part of the event for its display.
It's up to the driver author to provide the unit value when creating events.

Thank you for the info. May I have the link to get and show asthma data?

I am using Airvisual Pro for my indoor/outdoor quality monitoring.. It provides PM 2.5, PM 10 and CO2 for indoor. I have tested a driver in HE for a while with debug mode through HTTP API. also I have tested to have flask running with local Http call to get indoor data since device will collect Air Quality data and save them locally.

The get command parameters:
def params = [
uri: '',
path: zipCode,
headers: [Referer:'']

try {
	httpGet(params) {resp ->

The data includes trigger events (Ozone, PM2.5, PM10) and PPM for those events (today and yesterday, no forcast for PPM). The overall quality uses some algorithm I am not familiar with.


Thank you Dave. That will be very helpful for my kid who has asthma.

70 YO with asthma for last 30 years. Also have allergies. Fare well with your son.

Hi, you can find the driver here...

Thank you. Canada is not in the scope :sweat:

On this topic. I tried today to set up some simple events to display the Unit of an attribute. I created two attribute tiles (level and colorTemperature) for my "Den Left" and updated the sendEvent to the following:

  • sendEvent(name: "level", value: status.brightness, unit: "%")
  • sendEvent(name: "colorTemperature", value: status.color_temp, unit: "K")
    I then turned the device on /off using that button. Code refreshed the values (you can see for Level); however, no events on tile.

Any hints on fixing this?


Update: Is it possible to create a tile template for ColorTemperature bulbs??? It would be the color bulb less the color control interface.