[RELEASE] Pollen Forecaster AND Asthma Forecaster

Introducing 'Pollen Forecaster' Driver
Retrieve data from pollen.com. For use with Hubitat dashboards.!

Introducing 'Asthma Forecaster' Driver
Retrieve data from asthmaforecast.com. For use with Hubitat dashboards.!

  • Modified from original ST 'Pollen Virtual Sensor' - Author: jschlackman


  • Receive yesterday, today and tomorrow's forecasts in a virtual device
  • Updates once an hour
  • Easily display data on any dashboard with adjustable tile font sizes

Apps can be found on my GitHub or by using the Hubitat Package Manager.
(HPM is highly recommended)

When reporting problems...

  • Be sure you are on the latest version. I won't troubleshoot an older version.
  • Turn on debug and screenshot the issue happening in the log. One line or just the error doesn't cut it. I need a log.
  • Post the screenshot of the log with an explanation of the problem.



Dashboard example:

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Thank you for this. I am a newbie here & this was my 1st try at adding a virtual device & adding user code from GitHub. I got the code all done in Drivers Code, got the virtual device "Pollen Forecaster" created & it is showing the stats in the "devices"...My problem is the Dashboard. I choose the "Pollen Forecaster" device to be used in a dashboard along with all my other devices...I go to add the PF tile on my dashboard...I choose the PF device and then dashboard tells me to "choose a template" for the PF device I have chosen....this is where I'm confused....I've tried all the templates in the list and none of them ever show the data in the tile once I click "Add Tile" to the dashboard...again, I'm new to all of this and I'm not clear on how I get the PF data to show on my tile in the dashboard. What am I doing wrong? Thank you again for this as my wife is susceptible to pollen & has bad asthma...I'd really like to get this working on a dashboard. Thank you.

I believe you have to choose the attribute template then type in the name of the attribute.

Thanks for giving it a try!

Be sure to completely get out of the dashboard, the device will need to refresh before you'll see it available in the dashboard. Once completely out of the dashboard, go into the device and click 'poll'.

You should see stats like this...

Then you can go back to the dashboard and add the tile...


Thanks for the replies! I was just coming back here to post that I figured it out finally...I had never fooled with "attribute" part of dashboard....I got it working after fooling with this! Again, I'm a newbie here but determined to use HE as my sole means of home security & HA. Thank you again for this code!

Glad you got it working and welcome to Hubitat! :grin:

I must be looking at something wrong because I do not see Pollen Forecaster in your Github.

Click on my Github link in the first post and then select driver... :sunglasses:

Thanks. I was looking in Apps.

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New versions on Github...

Pollen Forecaster
v2.0.4 - 05/12/2019 - Added Yesterday data by request
Asthma Forecaster
v2.0.2 - 05/12/2019 - Added Yesterday data by request

New driver versions on Github...

Pollen Forecaster
v2.0.6 - 01/03/2020 - Adjustment for AW2

Asthma Forecaster
v2.0.4 - 01/03/2020 - Adjustment for AW2

Is this still working for everyone?
I'm looking at the best way to get Air Quality (PM2.5) into some of my dashboards and automations, but the asthmaforecast.com seems broken as of late, and I can't tell because of that what stations/data they are using for me locally.

I'm not finding Pollen Forecaster in HPM. Just checked the Github and I don't see a packageManifest.json for it. I installed it manually, but HPM support would be nice for updates. Thank you!

Same here, I could not find it in HPM.

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