After upgrade, one z-wave device shows no route

After completing the upgrade on my C-7 hub an hour ago, one device (a Monoprice Z-Wave Garage Door Sensor PD-11987) shows no route in the Hub Z-Wave Details but is still communicating open/closed status to the hub. Clicking the Refresh button does not change anything. [FYI: the device manual says it normally is in "sleep mode" until it is tilted open or close.]

I have also just completed the Z-Wave 7.17.1 firmware update.

I have a small system with 9 Z-Wave devices and 5 Zigbee devices. All other devices seem to be working correctly after both updates. The Z-Wave Mesh Details app shows that ALL 9 devices including this one are Direct connected to the hub, no device using any repeater.

Is this truly a "ghost" device? Should I do one or all of the following? a) just wait for the Z-Wave mesh to settle, b) restart the hub, c) perform the exclude/include on the device


Shut down the hub from the settings menu. Unplug power for 5 mins, power back up. Run a repair just on that node. Wait 24 hrs till it reports in. If you don't see a route by then, exclude and reinclude.

It just appeared in the Z-Wave Details. I guess patience was the cure.

FYI: Apparently a Z-wave firmware update DOES require a hub reboot.


The display of routes is cached information, so usually not a big deal if not shown… It will refresh after each packet is sent from the hub to that device.

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As in so many things in life. :wink:

So one way to refresh the route display could be to trigger that device from it's device page or manually, i.e., turn switch or plug on/off, etc.?

Of course, if the device and mesh in general is working normally there's no reason to be concerned about the route displaying, but there seem to be a lot of OCD members (ahem, that's me the pot calling the kettle black) who just can't stand it when routing isn't shown. :wink: :rofl: