Aeotec zwave range extender 6 LED control

I am using the generic extender driver and it seems to see the extender ok which is great. I searched but couldn't find any info of any custom driver that can possible switch off the LED on the thing? It is annoying some other members of the household...


I don't know, but I vaguely remember that the 6 has the multicolor LED and can't be controlled. The 7 has a white LED and can be.. via a community driver:



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Looking at the data sheet for gen5 and gen6/7 from aeotec, the LED on the 6 can be “configured”. Is there better/any documentation for the groovy API that a zwave newbie can investigate?


Can you post a link to the data sheet please? I was unable to find it, Thanks!

I would think you would set parameter 82 to 1. :man_shrugging: But I haven't tested it / don't own the device:

Memory says that the parameter data on this device changed (somewhat) between preliminary release and final release. For example, in the final released product the value of parameter 33 (0x21) has no effect at all. OTOH, parameter 17 does the same thing that 33 is supposed to (found by recovering paramters using basic z-wave tool).

I've been trying to locate a document with the final engineering specs. I must admit I never tested parameter 82 though.

Ah, ok. Well, it was a shot in the dark.

Shame on Aeotec for not updating the zwave alliance data. I'll just add that to the list of reasons I don't like them that much as a company.

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I am going off this page:

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@pkshiu did you ever figure this out? Have the same issue. As simple as adding a piece of white electrical tape might be, I really wanna know. :wink: