Aeotec SmartThings Sensors & Cam

Aeotec’s website is now showing listings on Amazon

Multipurpose sensor:

Leak sensor:

Motion sensor:

Button: (now available)


Best Buy:

Leak Sensor (now available)

Aeotec motion sensor

Aeotec multipurpose sensor


Can’t wait to see what the prices will be.

Here are the listings on Best Buy’s site which might provide a good idea of the pricing for their rebranded sensors… the leak sensor is listed at $33. I believe the multipurpose sensor was listed at either $35 or 36 when it was showing many weeks ago. I don’t remember what it was for the motion sensor. Prices are just a guess until they are released.

Aeotec water leak sensor

Aeotec motion sensor

Aeotec multipurpose sensor


Are these just rebranded Samsung products? I noticed one on eBay recently

All products here too

Amazon also

Yes, same SmartThings products that are rebranded as Aeotec. The rebranded products have been available in Europe for several months and about to be released in the US.

There doesn't seem to be many UK stockists at the moment, the Amazon one above is imported. I'm going to try the motion sensor, getting sick of my sonoff's failing!

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Aeotec Z-wave products tend to be somewhat expensive, so it will be interesting how their pricing will be for the Zigbee devices. I wonder if the devices will be updated to Zigbee 3.0.

If they undercut the Z-wave pricing significantly, it could detract from their Z-wave sales. However, if they price the Zigbee devices too high, competitive devices from Centralite, Tuya, Aqara, etc. will detract from sales of the Aeotec devices.

For example, I recently purchased six Centralite water leak sensors for $25 each. These are more expensive than the Aqara water leak sensors ($20), but I consider the Centralite devices to be worth the extra cost as they are standard Zigbee. The Centralite devices are appear to be quite similar to the older Smartthings water leak sensors with the exception of battery type. Thus, I would be reluctant to pay more than $25 for an Aeotec water leak sensor if I could get the Centralite for that price.

The one Smartthings device for which there appears to be no competition is the multisensor which does contact, tilt, vibration, acceleration, and temperature. I like using them on exterior doors as it will pick up vibrations from someone knocking on the door or attempting to jimmy the door. If the door is opened, then the contact sensor will trigger as well. They area also great sensors for garage doors. So the return of that device is something I welcome. There are very few vibration sensors available other than those by Aqara and Tuya and they do not have the same functionality as the multisensors.

I'm also a huge fan of the tilt sensor because of the size and the magnetic mount.

It does say Zigbee 3.0 on the UK Amazon listing

They were always Zigbee 3.0

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The Smartthings V3 hub was released in 2018 with Zigbee 3.0 capability. Apparently, most of the Smartthings sensors and devices released since 2018 have been Zigbee 3.0. However, I have one of the older V2 hubs, so some of my Smartthings devices are Zigbee HA1.2.

According to the Zigbee Alliance (now Connectivity Standards Alliance) the Aeotec versions of these devices are Zigbee 3.0 certified.

Hubitat Elevation is not Zigbee 3.0 certified. Apparently, the staff does not see that as a high priority. The hub does seem to work just fine with Zigbee 3.0 devices as well as ZHA1.2 devices, so they may have a valid point. Why spend limited resources on something that may not add value.

I ordered one, coming Saturday. I'll let you know how it goes, I'm presuming generic driver should work.

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Not attached yet but looks good, not as big as I'd thought. Are they smaller than the Samsungs? It's next to a Sonoff sensor

I think it’s the same as the last version of the ST motion sensor (certainly looks the same). It still says designed by samjin on the box.

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Where were you able to buy this?

From Amazon UK via EU import, links above.

I'd sidelined the Samsungs originally as I'd thought they were too big. The Sonoff's seem okay at the moment but replacing batteries is a PITA if they're stuck to the wall, these Aoetecs's with the magnetic mount and bigger battery should make it easier and less so!

I've got a few in high traffic areas and the batteries last a fairly log time. I also found some bolts that were threaded on one end to screw into a plastic wall anchor and the other end to screw into the magnet. I did have to tap the magnet out a little to get the proper thread size but the end result is they're mounted into the plastic anchor so never will worry about them falling off of the wall.

The Aeotec Leak sensor is now available at Best Buy for $33.

I assume the Aeotec water leak sensor will be at least as reliable as the earlier ones from Smartthings. I have one I have had for years. I lost another one I had. The Aeotec price is slightly higher than the Centralite water leak sensor, but the Centralite is HA1.2 vs HA3.0 for the Aeotec/Smartthings device. It is also priced similarly to the Ecolink Z-wave water sensor. The Aeotec and Centralite devices do not come with a wired probe whereas the Ecolink does. Thus, depending upon the application, either of these devices might be suitable.

There are some inexpensive Aqara water leak sensors, but considering the exorbitant cost of a burst pipe, personally, I would not trust my home to Aqara.

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