Aeotec SmartThings Sensors & Cam

Just attached the Aeotec Motion Sensor, all good! It has temperature change detection too, I've turned that off to save battery.

The motion detection seem to be faster than the failed Sonoff it has replaced, early days yet, will see how it goes for a few weeks.

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The aeotec button is now available on Amazon… link in first post


The Aeotec multipurpose sensor from third parties is available on Amazon now.


Too bad they are a little overpriced and without Prime shipping.

I've ordered another Aeotec motion sensor, they may be pricey, £30 here, but I'd rather pay extra and forget about it than worry about my Sonoff sensors dropping off all the time! Also ordered the Aeotec button and managed to get the samsung model multipurpose sensor cheap on Amazon, must be last stock.

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