Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Oops shutter module

I don't rate it, it's crap. Was very disappointed in it and the nano dimmer. I would look at the qubino instead and the Fibaro dimmer 2 is much better than the nano dimmer.


Ah...the nano shutter. That makes a LOT more sense. :slight_smile: That is also not available yet according to their website.


I've had them for 7-8 months!


That's totally odd, cause it's available on Amazon but still not on the Aeotec website.


Obviously updating the website is not a priority...

And like Kevin said above, Aeotec directly told me ~2 weeks ago the Siren would be out in summer - probably July. So much for that. :smile:


Their website also says their LED Bulb 6s aren't available yet and they've been out for a while too..


It looks like the Doorbell 6 and Siren 6 are available on Amazon US for advanced purchase with shipping late next week.

@mike.maxwell These will both require a platform update, correct? Any idea on how long it will be before those are available? Thanks!!


+1 on a forecast release for support to @mike.maxwell as my Siren 6 will be here Saturday. :smile:

(For the record, I knew it was not supported yet in HE when I ordered it - so I'm not complaining)


Double up on that forecast - Doorbell 6 will be next week!


I'm trying to decide whether to order the doorbell 6 now and just tease myself with it or wait till it's officially supported. lol


I normally wait until support is confirmed. But I'm away from home so much this summer I thought I would grab it now and get it delivered while I'm home.


For anyone planning on purchasing the Aeotec Siren 6/Aeotec Doorbell 6 and using it on ST with my ST handler while waiting for it to be supported by Hubitat, my handlers do not work with the latest firmware.

My handlers were tested by Aeotec and myself using firmware 1.2, but the devices are being shipping with firmware 1.4 and they completely changed the way the device functions and all the configuration parameters.

I hope to have a new version of the SmartThings handlers posted this weekend...

Once I've had a chance to test the new firmware I'll let you know if a hub update is still required for inclusion to work with Hubitat.


That sounds about right... Good Ole Aeotec. :roll_eyes:


I bought a nano dimmer from this site several months before they were available on amazon (after confirming with someone at aeotec that the site was an authorized reseller so that the warranty would be honored).


Kevin - in your testing did they ever tell you how to factory reset the Siren 6? It isn't in the quick start guide, and there is no manual online yet.

I got mine today, confirmed it wouldn't pair with Hubitat (as expected), but now it alarms every time it is bumped. I thought factory resetting it might get it back to normal so I can put it up until HE supports it.

EDIT: Never mind. I held the action button until the light turned completely off (20s?), and it seems to be happy now. No more alarms on bumps.



Did you try pairing it again after the factory reset?


Yes, won't pair at all. Which matches the reports from others.

Back in the box it goes for now.



I anticipate finding the same with the Doorbell next week.

P.S. Thank to you - I know how to factory reset it!


@mike.maxwell You pick up one of these yet? :smile:


I have a siren and a doorbell that aeotec sent me, hopefully we will have a driver for these, but we have this join issue that I've not looked at yet, then we have the freaking firmware change and massive driver edits due to all the config param changes...
So who knows at this point when well have something for these...