Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Does the sound get interrupted if you press the off button very quick after the on button?


If I’m manually doing it yes.

But those events during those times arnt actually doing anything.


But what if they do? Because tho off comes pretty fast after the on. So you might not hear anything but the device will be interrupted and also busy handling all those commands. So I really would disable some rules to discover where those on / off command come from.


Maybe but this happens off and on throughout the day.

I never hear anything. Funny thing is the only rule using it is that one I posted above.


You're not canceling the repeat early if you close the contact before the 30 seconds of repeats are done. So, you have two instances of the rule running at the same time.


That’s fine. The idea is it’s warning you that HSM is on. That way you can disarm it before the actual real siren goes off.

But this still makes no sense. Meaning why am I randomly getting triple chime sounds.


Why are you tripping off the contact sensor being open? Why don't you trigger off of HSM being delayed-Intrusion? That way you can repeat until the hub disarms. That would be a lot simpler.

Here it is:

Trigger: HSM disarmed or HSM in Dealyed-Intrusion

If HSM in Delayed intrusion
Set volumes or whatever you want.
Repeat every 5 seconds subject to cancel.
ElseIf HSM disarmed
Stop repeat.


Can’t locate HSM action.


I think this one will work? Except when the actual siren starts to go off nothing is stopping the repeat??? So will the siren go off then chime ?


I don't know if that will work. if you want to play a specific sound, you should use the custom action playSound with the sounds number. The chime function might be the reason that you're getting multiple ringing if the noise.

Also, I don't think you can pass a parameter along with the chime command like that. That might be why it's playing multiple might be "chiming" 11 times.

Scratch does work. I've been using the custom action this whole time. Didn't think the Chime function worked like that. :slight_smile:


You could have HSM going into Intrusion also stopping the repeat. This is a funny device. I think the siren has #1 priority. I know it does over the doorbell. Otherwise it wouldn't be much good!


I can’t find that trigger or condition.




Yeah I found it under the trigger, but when evaluating the conditions, I don’t have an option to say when alerting...


Once you guys figure this out it would be great if you could post the final format, I'd like to do the same thing


Yeah, you'll have to do it in two rules...the first to begin the action on the delayed intrusion and then one with the other triggers to stop the repeat on the first rule.

EDIT...wait!!!! This is a case for a wait!!!

Trigger: Delayed intrusion

All the beginning repeat actions but no condition...just go into the action.

Wait for Disarm or Intrusion
Cancel repeat.


Trying to figure out where to put the wait ...


I believe it has to go within the repeat but i have a message into Bruce to confirm



I reverted back for now. It’s past midnight.

But I changed things over to playsound instead of what I had. Maybe it’s a bug.


Why do you have it repeating 3 times every 5 seconds? You realize that will only beep for 15 seconds, right? so it will already stop when it goes into intrusion if your intrusion delay is 15 seconds. which is very short. Mine for away is 30 and home is 60.