Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Yes, they should.

I've been using a custom user driver on mine for so long I forgot I fixed this in my driver .... Lol


What driver are you using?


One I made.

I make almost all of my own zwave drivers (typically use mostly in-box zigbee drivers though), as I always seem to need access to a parameter or command not exposed by the generic in-box drivers.

That, and I get annoyed when there is weird data in the logs. Something like double reporting bugs me, so I fix it.


Oh cool.

Would you be willing to share your EcoLink drivers?


Any specific models you are looking for driver for? I may/may not have one... I only have a few ecolink devices, so it isn't like I have made drivers for the full product range.


Just the contact sensor.


Hubitat could easily modify the built-in driver so that it checks the model and doesn't create the event if it's the Ecolink device so maybe they'll do that.


Would be nice.

As for now I’ll have to use the modified smartthings driver. It appears to be working.


Just got mine. Can't wait to play with it.


I’m using tone 30 for open and closes of doors.

Tone 1 sounds just like my door bell.