Aeotec Siren 6 is FINALLY here


Yes, they should.

I've been using a custom user driver on mine for so long I forgot I fixed this in my driver .... Lol


What driver are you using?


One I made.

I make almost all of my own zwave drivers (typically use mostly in-box zigbee drivers though), as I always seem to need access to a parameter or command not exposed by the generic in-box drivers.

That, and I get annoyed when there is weird data in the logs. Something like double reporting bugs me, so I fix it.


Oh cool.

Would you be willing to share your EcoLink drivers?


Any specific models you are looking for driver for? I may/may not have one... I only have a few ecolink devices, so it isn't like I have made drivers for the full product range.


Just the contact sensor.


Hubitat could easily modify the built-in driver so that it checks the model and doesn't create the event if it's the Ecolink device so maybe they'll do that.


Would be nice.

As for now I’ll have to use the modified smartthings driver. It appears to be working.


Just got mine. Can't wait to play with it.


I’m using tone 30 for open and closes of doors.

Tone 1 sounds just like my door bell.


Newbie here. Where is Kevin's list (before I pull the trigger on the HE)? TIA


The list of the drivers Kevin made is here Hubitat/drivers/krlaframboise at master · krlaframboise/Hubitat · GitHub

But there are far more drivers for devices. A list of supported devices is here: List of Compatible Devices - Hubitat Documentation


Pill it, you won't regret it. Plus you can use hubconnect to seamlessly link both hubs as you migrate over from whatever.

Note: the native hubitat drivers are universal. The zigbee motion sensor driver supports like 10 motion sensors from various vendors, probably more.


Coming from VeraPlus. And, thanks to Rxich, I just pulled the trigger on my new HE. I will need hubconnect for the migration. But, also for HTD WHA support (even though I usually just use their app).

Seems like you guys already did all the hard work for the Siren 6. Thanks. A strong community means a lot!


This thing is frustrating!

I have a simple rule that when the door opens it chimes. The device driver for the contact show one opening but every once and a while the thing will play the chime multiple times upwards to 4 stuttering over each other.

The door contact opens only once and the rule says it only open once but the chime under device plays multiple times.


Some things are like Japanese puzzles. It takes up a whole lot of thinking and trying things. And afterwards you look at it and say to yourself: why, why? It was so obvious.


Have you tried the whole thing without the repeat in there?


I've tried plenty of different combinations of rules. I thought it was specific to the ecolink driver. Yes the new driver has improved everything.

I will try a simple rule for testing for a while, to see what the results are.

But it's odd, to. When looking a the chime device, I see a ton of on/off events, but nothing is actually playing or happening... Driver problems??


Not sure what all the on/off events are. In the driver the on/off buttons only work for select devices, like the older aeon siren and utilitech siren. On my zooz zse18 siren and the aeotec6 parent device, the on/off buttons don't do anything when pressed.

On the child device of the siren 6, the chime, the on off buttons do activate the chime.

Have no idea what any of this means


What’s weird is if I hit the on and off button in the actual device it plays a sound. So no clue why it shows this in the event history when nothing is playing.