Aeotec Siren 6 Help

So... I've looked through ALL of the topics on this, and I just can't find an answer! Please please please can someone help me?

I've connected the Aeotec Siren 6 to my Hubitat, I have the VERY latest Hubitat Firmware, and although it connected initially with the drive "Aeotec Doorbell 6", I changed it to "Aeotec Siren 6 New".

I now can't for the life of me get it to work! I set up a simple rule with a trigger of an existing button, and in my Action I selected "Control Music Player, Volume, Sounds" and "Sound Tone". I then select my Siren and.... nothing!

I press my button and the siren does NOTHING!

I'm a relative newby and somewhat inexperienced, but I've really tried my hardest to figure this out - any help would be massively appreciated.

Here's what I see in the logs when I press my button...

I do not have the Aeotec Siren 6, but I do have the Aeotec Doorbell 5.

The Siren 6 is louder, but perhaps too loud for its own good. To keep from blowing the speaker, you might want to reduce the volume from maximum.

The Doorbell 5 allows you to use custom MP3 or wav files for alarms/alerts. With the Siren 6, you can only trigger the sounds built in.

Rather than using the "Play Sound" trigger for the device, use the "Speak" trigger and in the text field add the number of the built-in alarm you wish to trigger (1-30), not the name of the sound. So rather than entering Ding Dong in the text field, simply enter 1.

While the "Play Sound" trigger will play the sound if you enter the number, the "Speak" command also allows control over volume, so it is a better option.

I’m sorry, I don’t wish to be rude, and I’m truly grateful for any relevant input, but I’m not sure how your reply helps me in any way?


Did you press configure after you change the driver? Is the button an aeotec one or some other button? Can you post a screen shot of your rule?

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Since you seem to be unable to see how my post resolves the problem you stated, let me restate it in more direct language that you might be able to understand.

The way you are trying to do it will not work:
"Control Music Player, Volume, Sounds" and "Sound Tone". The Aeotec Siren is not a music player, so the Control Music Player function will not work with the device.

Here is an example of a Basic Rule I created for my Aeotec Doorbell. The same type of rule should work for your siren.

When "Button Device" is "Pushed" (specify which button device and which specific button if the device has more than one button), Do this action "Speak Notification", on this device (select Aeotec Siren and update). Then in the "Message to Speak" field, enter the number of the alarm sound you wish to play (for example, "5" without the quotation marks if you wish to play "Westminster Chimes" when the button is pushed.)

With my doorbell, I have 30 different custom wav files set up so that various sensors trigger a specific alert. For example, when the contact switch on my back door is triggered, the Aeotec doorbell plays the sound that indicates "The back door has opened". Version 6 does not have the capability of custom tones, but you can assign different alarm/alert sounds to different triggers, not just a button device.

By the way, the Aeotec Siren 6 and the Aeotec Doorbell 6 are identical as far as the device goes. The difference is that the Aeotec doorbell comes with a separate button switch to activate the siren/doorbell. The switch can be purchased separately. If you have an Aeotec button, you should be able to pair it directly with the siren/doorbell. If you use some other button paired with your Hubitat, you will have to set up a rule to activate the sounds. If you pair it directly, it will only activate the default doorbell sound. If you use a rule, you can use any sound you wish.

I hope this helps.


Here is how I do mine:

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More specifically:

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Again - thanks for your help but I have NO idea what you are talking about? With respect I don't have an Aeotec Doorbell 5 like you, this is an Aeotec Siren 6 - yes it may be similar (and defaults to) an Aeotec Doorbell 6, but as you said in your original post you don't have the device I have and your suggested configuration of a simple rule is just not correct.

Let me give you an example - you say "The way you are trying to do it will not work" and "The Aeotec Siren is not a music player..." and that I should not be using Control Music Player, Volume, Sounds", that's just not true! Just take a look at how EVERYONE else is controlling their Aeotec Siren 6 devices - it's exactly using the "Control Music Player....".

You say that I should use the Action "Speak Notification" - there's only one action that suggests it supports this, which is the "Send, Speak or Log a Message, Send HTTP Request" and the sub-actions available don't support "Speak Notification" - take a look...

As I said, thank you for your help - but I'm simply trying to achieve what others have achieved with their Siren 6 devices, using the standard way that they have implemented.

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I seem to be doing exactly the same - and yet I get nothing....

I do press Configure - although I am unsure what it actually does by doing that? Nothing seems to happen - I've pressed Configure several times!

It's not an Aeotec button, it's a third party button - the button is fine, works with Hubitat, and I can control lights with it no problem.

Also the Aeotec Siren seems to be working - if I pick it up and shake it then I get the Tamper alarm going off.

Here's the log showing the Siren tamper is working...

You only need to hit configure once when you change driver.

Make sure your chime volume is set then save your preferences:

What does your log says when you press the button?


Having used both the Aeotec Doorbell 5 and the newer gen 6 with Hubitat, I agree they are very different devices (in terms of how the hub drivers treat them, at least).

Let’s take a step back from rule machine for a moment.

On the device’s settings page, are you able to play sounds manually, adjust the volume in the preferences, etc?

Sometimes it can help to confirm the device itself is functioning as intended from the settings page, before trying to get it working in rule machine or a dashboard.

Screenshots of hub log outputs from the device or your rules are also often a source of helpful info.

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There are a number of Aeon/Aeotec device drivers. The one I am using with my Doorbell 5 is the Aeon Labs doorbell driver. However, there are several other drivers you might want to try. They are listed as Aeon Siren, Aeotec Doorbell 6, Aeotec Siren 6 Component Chime, and Aeotec Siren 6 New.

You said that when you first paired the device, it identified as Aeotec Doorbell 6, but you changed it to Aeotec Siren 6. Since it does not seem to be working properly with the Aeotec Siren 6 driver, I suggest that you try the Aeotec Doorbell 6 driver. If that does not work, try one of the other Aeon/Aeotec drivers that I listed. I do not know why there are so many different drivers for the device. As I indicated, the only difference between the Aeotec Siren 6 and the Aeotec Doorbell 6 is that the doorbell device comes with an included push button switch that is not included with the Siren. The base units are identical.

I did take a look at some of the other drivers. There are some differences in the interface, so I can understand why you were confused. I assumed that the Aeotec 5 and 6 devices would be similar; unfortunately that was a poor assumption. I apologize.

Success! Thanks everyone for your input - fortunately I've resolved it.

Believe it or not the Siren itself was faulty! I bought another one and it all worked as expected! Now go to return the faulty one!

Thanks again all.


I am glad you resolved it. When I looked at your profile and saw that you used to be a programmer, I figured you would be smart enough to figure it out. However, no one expects a brand new device to be defective. It is no wonder you got frustrated.

built in driver for this is defective.. trying to change any of the tones like disable the tamper
and next time i look the device still has the old tone.

Maybe i need a firmware update?



Z-Wave drivers would be @bcopeland.

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thanks found a firmware update file and trying to update it now.

bummer firmware update completed but device bricked.. continually flashing light.

I’ve had 2 of these brick on me without doing a firmware update..