Aeotec Siren 6 Help

what are you using now.. preferably a plug in unit

Ecolink 700 series plug in


The Ecolink 700 chime/siren is a great product. Because it works so well, it has become popular and has been sold out everywhere for a while now. I plan to get a second one when they are back in stock.


I realize this is an old thread but I have been using the device with a combination of custom driver and native driver. It has performed very well since I got it however with limited functionality. I just deleted most of my detailed post regarding the native 'Siren 6 New Driver' because I searched release notes and I see that bug fixes were released Aug 2021 with release 2.2.8. . I am not sure how I missed that and I am not sure I have tested that driver since then. So I will give the native driver a try again and see how it works. If not I will submit my post again. Originally it did not control the light, tamper, or repeat functions. Fingers crossed.