AEOTEC Recessed Door Sensor Gen5

As part of my slow migration from Vera to Hubitat I am left with the last sensor which does not seem to be providing the status if not the battery level.
I been reading a few threads but not got to a solution myself.
I have added the Sensor Using the Gen7 option and obviously not working.
I have added it a generic ZWave device, still no joy as I do not even see the battery level.
Any advise

I think the Aeotec recessed door sensors prior to Gen 7 just use the Generic Z-Wave Contact Sensor. You can manually select this from the device page under the drop down labeled "Type".

Did you hit the "Configure" button after changing the driver to the Generic?

@Eric.C.Miller I have used the generic ZWave and Contact Sensor, but nothing happens.
I have also pressed on configure but nothings happens after I pressed configure.

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