Aeotec Recessed door sensor 7

You know they released a firmware update for the recessed door sensor recently. There’s a thread for it.

device firmware? or hub firmware. Last i saw, the device firmware (on the Aeotec V7) was botched for S2 and no amount of code on hubitats side will fix that. I believe bryan was reaching out to Aeotec to notify them of the issue, so they can fix it.

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Sorry was on IPad so couldn’t find the link quick enough. See post from @JasonJoel

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Well thank you all! hard to keep track. there were so many threads on the topic.

They are fine now (I have 3 that are now working perfectly and that have updated firmware), but the firmware update process is a bit tricky. You can either read the entire thread that I started in frustration, or you can take the TL;DR approach and skip to my post here at the end where I explain all the nuances of getting it to work.

Note that the firmware file name at the upthread link posted by Jason Bottjen (@JasonJoel) won’t be accepted by the device because it has spaces in the name. You will need to replace the spaces with underlines or hyphens after you download the firmware from Aeotec, before you upload it to the Device Firmware Updater app.

Oh, and, after the update, I had to exclude, reset, and re-include them before the driver reported the new firmware update version.


What is the general belief about these devices right now. I am replacing all of my ST/ADT Dual branded stuff right now and like the idea of replacing the ones on my doors with these. Do they appear to have stabilized and are working well now. With the latest firmwares on both sides?

It really comes down to should i just get 4 more ring Door/Window sensors or get these to complete my perimeter setup.

I have 8 of the Recessed 6's and really like them. I know your question is about the 7 and I'm curious about the answer too.. since I don't have a series 7 yet.

They've been great for me and although I have no more doors to monitor, if I had to do it again I'd pick a different installation spot. I chose the hinge side of the door, This is the least moving part of the door & frame and thus the magnet's strength makes more difference than I would like. In other words: the door has to open further and doesn't have to be fully closed to get open/closed Events.

The normal placement of non-recessed sensors tends to be on the side opposite the hinge and at the top. To indicate closed, the magnet has to be closer than the door's thickness... meaning the door has to be much closer to really, fully closed. I'd recommend that placement for the recessed too. :slight_smile:

Also, they are friction fit, but with changing temps month to month, it can sometimes be tricky to get them out to change batteries. I've been lucky with my poor 3/4" drilling skills such that the wobble creates a hole with just that extra room to allow me to remove the sensor and change the battery even when the wood frame is tightest. Had I installed the recessed sensor into the top of the door, letting gravity assist with the retention, I'd have been happier all around. I would have added a dab of glue to the magnet to more permanently fix it into the frame above the door, to fight gravity. :slight_smile:

I have 4 of them on my C-7, They work fine, but I have them paired no security. Bryan Copeland (@bcopeland) found a bug a couple of months ago that prevented S2 security from working, and Aeotec released a fix. While I did update all of mine with the firmware update, I don’t know if they work if paired S2.

I have 7 them installed now. I was able to get the firmware updated and get them all connected through S2 security. Besides one sensor that was draining batteries very fast (two weeks from new to dead) and was subsequently replaced by Aeotec (solid customer service), they've all been working great. The firmware update process was a little finicky to start, but once I got the process down, I was able to get the units updated without too much hassle. In a couple instances, I needed to sand down my doors a tiny bit to ensure the units did not interfere with closing the doors. All in all, I'm now very happy.

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this is very helpful information for me since i am still in the planning phase, especially regarding placement of the sensor. thanks.

Good to know. i have burned through batteries on 2 of them twice. I replaced monoprice ones that worked great, but wanted to get rid of s0.

By chance we you did the install did you use any kind of jig or something to create the hole in the door for the sensor and magnet. I have been looking for a Door jig but it looks like most I have found use a 1" hole saw instead of 3/4".

Milwaukee 3/4 in. x 4.5 in. Flat Boring Bit

See this on

OMSID#: 305537285

I usually make a small starter hole with an awl.

yea, that Flat Bit is what I used. Which is why it wobbles, and gives me the perfect oversize LOL

or a Forstner bit... for a no wobble hole:


Now that Forstner bit is a nice drill bit. Wish I had seen that first.

I've been using this bit, and it's been working well for me:

IRWIN SPEEDBOR Drill Bit, Self Feeding, Spade, 3/4-Inch x 6-Inch (3041004)

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I just bought a couple of these and installed them last night, and am having the issue with hubitat not seeing events. I have tried updating the firmware to 1.05 using Hubitat's device firmware updater app, but after it gets done with the update the device page still shows that the device is running v1.04. Grr

Try saving the device.. that usually gets the correct fw to show up for me. Note: your device is probably updated the UI is just not showing it.

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And/or reboot the hub so that it has to get all the info again. I seem to recall this same issue when I updated the firmware on my Aeotec recessed door sensor 7 devices.

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