Aeotec Range Extender 7

Anyone tried one of these? Says it is 50% faster and works with door locks and other S2 devices.

Hubitat doesn't currently support S2 security so that would be a moot point.

What do they support because people talk about having their door locks secure? How are they being secured? Or are they?

What about the 50% faster part? Wouldn't that be a good thing?

S0 security.

Aah, ok. HE then will have to implement the S2 somewhere down the road. Until then this repeater will be like the others except maybe the faster claim may or may not be a plus.

No, you still get the benefit of extended range.

Well, of course it is...but that is just for this device and doesn't really have anything to do with S2.

I realize the faster part is not part of S2, I never said that. They are separate. The other claims for this device was that it was 50% faster and of course it is z-wave plus. It also says it uses the 700 series chip.

So since the S2 is a moot point as you said, for now, the other claim of 50% faster may or may not have an impact for someone, if it's true.

How? If this thing is shouting even 2 miles surely the device it's talking too can hear it but, it can't talk back due to ITs range?

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Fair point.

One would assume when making range claims, that the power of the receiving device is not taken into consideration and that any appreciable increase in broadcast power would be tied to an increase in receiving sensitivity. Otherwise, how could you ever make a claim of the range for a device?

As often is, I think @Ryan780 has hit the nail on the head. Quoting from:

"A sensitivity gain extends Z-Wave's direct range to 100 meters, and mesh network range has been extended to 400 meters."


been reading and rereading this as I just couldn't see what you were saying, but i think your saying that the new device is now extra sensitive so it can shout louder and hear the lesser devices response basically?

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And look finally seeing compatible with HE!!


I'm saying that in order to assess a device's range, you have to take into account both receiving and sending signals. And in addition to boosting the power of a transmitter, you can boost the sensitivity of a receiver to increase a device's range.

I suspect that is what they have done here. Boosting just the transmitting power or just the receiving sensitivity won't do a whole lot on their own. But together, they will extend the range of the device.

I have no idea if that is what they did with the RE7....but logically, it stands to reason that's what they would have done. If they didn't, and they just boosted the power on the transmitter, then I don't see how they could make the claims about increased range.

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They could if they specifically stated only when all devices were the same 700 series. In that case the sensitivity shouldn't matter due to the increase in Tx power. But like you said it would make sense that they also increased the Rx sensitivity aswell for previous series versions to work.

Well thatโ€™s not how marketing works. :crazy_face: Itโ€™s a magic fix all, thatโ€™s all you need to know :rofl:

The rest of that is for fine print in the back of the documentation :grinning:


Bought one since it was a 3 dollar difference at the time vs the version 6. Uses the generic driver and as an extender works as some of my zwave light switches that had delays when being triggered no longer have delays. If the other features come later sure but as of now it does the job it says on the package.

Quick question, if I add one of these to my existing home will the already paired Z-wave devices take advantage of it?


After a ZWave Repair or two, yes