Aeotec Nano Shutters inverted in HomeKit

I just installed the new HomeKit integration (nice work) and my roller shutters come through as closed when they are open.

I’m confident this is an issue with the Aeotec Nano Shutter driver as the same thing happens using homebridge.

And now they are closed and show as open.

@bravenel @bobbyD

Chaps, can you take a look at this please? I have a few Tasmota powered blinds that don’t have this issue.

@bcopeland hi Brian, are you able to investigate this please?

@gopher.ny @mike.maxwell Gents, any chance of even an acknowledgement of this issue?

I've brought it up internally. No ETA at this time, but we have it on the radar. Either driver will get tweaked or HomeKit integration will have some setting to revert 0-100 values.

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Thank you, much appreciated.

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