Aeotec Nano Dimmer and Momentary Switch

Hi everyone, I seem to be having a problem with my nano dimmer. Yesterday I installed the Nano Dimmer and also installed a new physical switch. The switch is a Clipsal Saturn Zen. A push button momentary switch.
Hubitat detected the Nano fine. By default the device lists the switch type as a 2 state switch. In this mode the physical switch allows me to turn lights on and off but dimming by holding the button in doesn't work. When I try to change the device switch type to momentary, hubitat seems to completely loose connection to the Nano. I have no control of the Nano at all.
I need to remove the nano from hubitat and then go throufh the whole detect and install process again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Did you click configure once you selected and saved the new device switch type? Also open logs when you do it and see what it says.

I did not click configure. I'm still new and I'm not sure what the configure button does.

I was just changing switch type and saving.

Do I need to change switch, press configure button and then save?

Sorry if I'm sounding stupid, but I did look on the hubitat documentation and could not find anything on the configure button. Documentation for the Nano talks about sending codes to the nano. I assumed changing the switch type and saving would do that.

You always have to click save and then configure.

As Ryan stated click save then click configure. One of the things configure will do depending on the driver is send commands to the device to change its settings, in this case that may mean changing the setting from a toggle switch to a momentary. This is because items like that are interpreted from the device then a relevent command sent to hubitat ie I have turned on at this value or this button was pressed.

This is rarely needed with the built-in z-wave drivers...

Save usually sends just the configuration parameter changes to the device and Configure resends all the configuration parameters to the device.

You'll see a warning in logging if any of the configuration parameters are unsynced and you usually have a better chance of syncing them by pressing Save again instead of Configure, especially for devices with lots of configuration parameters.

When that setting is momentary are you sure you can use it with a dumb dimmer to dim to a specific level?

Thanks for the help so far, So I have managed to changed the switch to momentary. but the switch is not behaving as expected.

I can turn on the lights by single pressing the momentary switch. To turn the lights off I need to double press the switch. The dimming function by pressing and holding the switch does not seem to work.

I will investigate this weekend and let you know if I can resolve the issues. I'm sure it's just a setting within the device

Hi @mfuerschke.. Do you know what firmware version your nano dimmer is?
I have Aeotec guide that shows that parameter 120 (switch wires connected to S1) should be a 1 for a momentary switch but a newer set shows that it should be set to 3.

No I do not know my firmware, I checked my device in hubitat but couldn't see it listed. How do I find out?

My original Aeotec parameter list must be very old. Every other nano dimmer list shows that the value should be 3 for momentary. Let's check your setup.
Change the device driver for your dimmer to Basic Z-Wave tool.

If your switch is wired to Com and S1 then enter 120 in the Get Parameter Report:

If you switch is wired to Com and S1 then enter 121.
Click 'Get Parameter Report and look at your logs. You should see a line like this:
[dev:83] 2019-05-28 09:30:21.880 am [info]ConfigurationReport- parameterNumber:120, size:1, value:1
I'm using a regular light switch so my value is 1.

Do what @Wounded says but also click get version report and watch the logs then reference that to aeotec website.

Thanks so much for the advise guys, I have used the information for a bunch of testing, without much success.

I done some fiddling and the device seemed to go dead and I lost all control of it via hubitat. I reinstalled fresh, and I'll list my what I done after the fresh install.

  • I Installed Aeotec Nano Dimmer
  • Changed Device Type to Generic Z-wave Tool
  • Ran Get Version Report (result was application version 1.2)
  • Ran Get Parameter Report for 120 (value 1 - 2 State Switch)
  • Changed device Type Aeotec Nano Dimmer
  • saved device
  • logs said save again, saved again and then pressed configure
  • Changed switch to momentary switch
  • saved preferences and pressed configure
  • changed device type to generic Z-wave tool and saved device
  • logs stopped at this point no matter what I done
  • Ran Z-wave Network repair and didn't make device respond again

I don't think the change to Z-wave tool was what made the device fall over, because it seems to do that anyway from past experience. One thing I cannot explain is that the logs keeps telling me"There are 1 pending changes, please click save button again" you can see this in the logs I'll link below. But I have noticed that in all my past experimenting. It seems to be for Changing LED Mode(#83) from null to 0. I have no idea why it does that or what it means.

Here is a copy of my log

I'm sorry that I fumbling so much, but I am really new to HA and hubitat and I really appreciate the help you guys are giving me

If I read my log posted in my previous reply correctly, I'm not running the latest firmware. According the the aeotec website the latest is 2.02. Can I update firmware via hubitat?

It's not possible to make the device completely stop responding by changing the configuration parameters. (unless you set the factory reset parameter, but that's not possible with the built-in driver)

It sounds like you either have a defective device or it's wired wrong. The S1 and S2 circuits require 18 guage wire...

Hi @mfuerschke. Could you tell us what nano dimmer terminals your Zen switch is connected to?
Also, what is the output? (LED bulbs? fan? Total wattage?)
After modifying the settings with Basic Z-Wave tool, switch back to the Aeotec Nano Dimmer driver, save but don't press configure. Then see if the switch works.

What vision hub do you have? Because if you do have old firmware (which it looks like) it sounds like same issues I had until I updated.

For the dead device, I might suggest you hard reset the Nano by holding the little button for about 20 sec until the led blinks multi-colored, then re-pair it.

You cannot flash firmware from Hubitat unfortunately, you can do it using the Homeseer Z-Flash software and usb stick.

You can if you have the C4 hub, by using the stick and the aeotec software on a PC.

I want to highlight when I first configure the Nano and it defaults to 2 state switch most things work. I can turn light on, off and dim from within Hubitat, from the physical momentary wall switch I can single press to turn light on and single press to turn light off. But I cannot dim the lights by holding the button in.

I am wired into S1 using 1.5mm or 16 awg cable. The load is a single 10 watt dimmable LED down light and I also use the aeotec nano dimmer bypass. I am using the 2 wire configuration on the nano dimmer as I do not have a neutral at the switch.

Tonight I will try as #Wounded has suggested and if I have no luck, I will try for a firmware update over the weekend.

as further update to my investigation,
In my logs it keeps telling me to save as there is a pending change

I changed the device type Basic Z-wave tool and used the Get Parameter Report to return all parameters. I noticed that it did not return parameter #83.

I'm hoping a firmware update resolves this issue